Without Tony Stark, his first MCU ally would become Iron Man


Tony Stark is the most common Iron Man in the Marvel Multiverses, serving as a founding member of the Avengers and one of the most important figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. However, there are worlds where Stark exists but someone else assumes the mantle of Iron Man. A timeline has an altered version of Iron Man’s origin story. Tony Stark’s first ally, Yinsen, trades places with him, being the one who survives and becomes a hero instead – and the world could be a better place for it.

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In most timelines – including the core Marvel Universe of Earth-616 and its first MCU movie, Iron Man, a hedonistic Tony Stark found himself alone, captured by the forces of an enemy nation and seriously injured. He was saved by Yinsen, a captured doctor. Together, the pair figured out a way to avoid death long enough for Tony to construct crude Iron Man armor. However, in their ensuing escape attempt, Yinsen was killed holding the line for Tony, his death becoming one of the main motivations for Tony to turn his back on his reckless life and become the heroic Iron Man. . Although, across the multiverse, that hasn’t always been the case.

In Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Book #9 (by Al Ewing, Neil Edwards, and Carmine Di Giandomenico), a futuristic take on Doctor Doom and Iron Man came face to face in a deadly duel. But as a means of torturing Stark, Doctor Doom revealed a glimpse of a different reality where he hadn’t been the one to escape the Warzone as Iron Man. In this timeline, Tony Stark ultimately decided to sacrifice himself to save Yinsen rather than the other way around. Refusing the impromptu surgery that could have saved his life, Tony instead focused all of his time on designing an advanced suit that Yinsen could use to survive instead. The final key was the Electromagnetic Arc Reactor, which Tony refused to use on himself and instead reinforced the armor which Yinsin quickly dubbed “Rescue”.

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Escaping captivity and inspired by Tony’s sacrifice, it was Yinsen who decided to protect the world and become a hero. Yinsen quickly became one of his world’s most founding heroes. A pacifist who refused to develop weapons for his armors and instead focused on developing better defensive mechanics. While Iron Man occasionally battled his fellow allies, Rescue was more focused on hitting and ultimately supporting the community of heroes. Rescue was able to unite them under the banner of the Defenders instead of the Avengers – resulting in a world where global warming can be actively reversed, humanity has colonized the moon, and world peace has been established.

Indeed, saving this world has become far more useful for the future of the human race than Tony ever was. While Tony was able to make peace with this event, arguing that in an ideal world he and Yinsen could both have escaped the cave together.

Yinsen was a true hero, showing how inspirational he was without superpowers. The idea that he’s here to keep changing the world for the better is grim, especially since he more or less created a utopia in the process.


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