Which Marvel Metal Master is the Strongest?


There are characters who seem like perfect foils to each other in a way that at first seems simple, but gets more and more complex as you dig deeper. Magneto is oddly related to heroes with metal-based abilities, with characters like Wolverine and Colossus finding themselves quite frequently up against the “Master of Magnet”.

Iron Man, however, rarely seems to cross paths with Magneto. Not to say he never did, but it’s a showdown that rarely happens, which is ironic since even their names tie them together. So with little left in the source material, let’s break down which of the two would win in a fight. Would Magneto retain Iron Man for the account, or would Tony Stark discard Magneto?

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Of all the Marvel superheroes, Iron Man might be the absolute worst villain to team up against Magneto. At least it seems that way at first glance. After all, Magneto is the master of magnetism, able to control metal with his mutant abilities. Iron Man is a character completely dependent on his technology, crafted from his metal-based technology. In theory, Magneto could just clench his fist and implode the costume through Tony’s ribs. He can detonate the Arc Reactor directly in his chest, making a hole in him. Or, at the very least, just turn off the armor.

However, when the two clashed in Avengers vs. X-Men, Iron Man has found a solution to this key problem: to create a suit made up of carbon nanotubes. Iron Man has developed several suits perfectly suited to perfect situations, such as the Hulkbuster suit designed to counter the strength of the Hulk and the Thorbuster armor that can defeat the Asgardians. Tony Stark has taken into account every great power that will be launched against him. By comparison, preparing for a fight with an Earth-bound mutant isn’t too complicated. His anti-Magneto costume is designed to counter Magneto’s abilities so the villain can’t just end the fight in seconds.

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In determining who will win, it’s essential to remember that Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants around, but Iron Man plans ahead of every major fight. He’s arrogant, but not stupid.


Without Magneto’s obvious advantage, we move to the next level – the two deal damage to each other. Magneto can throw anything containing metal at Iron Man, from buildings to satellites. On top of that, Magneto’s magnetic shields can repel just about any major weapon Stark has on him. The repulsor beams would be as effective against Magneto’s defenses as Cyclops’ optical beams: not effective.

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However, Tony Stark is also incredibly powerful. Due to his resources, he is able to access high level weapons throughout the solar system. He’s a hero who fights threats like Thanos, using whatever tech he can develop. But, again, since all of his weapons are electrically powered, all it would take for Magneto to bypass Tony’s suits is a well-targeted EMP.

But all of this ignores a key factor: Magneto’s strength comes primarily from his mutant abilities. In a real fist fight, Magneto is essentially a physically fit person. He’s not able to trade punches like Iron Man can. Magneto is better at a distance, even though that distance is on the other side of the planet.

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As previously mentioned, Magneto and Iron Man clashed for Avengers vs. X-Men. Specifically, the two fought in AvX: Vs. # 1. The fight begins after Magneto realizes that he can’t just compress Tony’s costume, with the villain dropping a building for him. The first fight is in particular that Magneto underestimates Stark, trying to end it quickly, but Tony continues to stand up.

Tony therefore triggers a set of probes that negate Magneto’s magnetic abilities, retaining his strength while bombarding him with repulsor explosions. This immediately puts Magneto on the defensive, using his full focus to put shields in place. Meanwhile, Stark accesses his satellite system to bombard Magneto with electric power.

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Magneto responds by dismantling the various satellites, cutting off Stark’s additional weapons, and, effectively, smashing magnetic cancellation technology. But this is where Magneto makes his huge mistake: he lets Stark get in close range. The fight lasts half a page before Magneto breaks down. Even with Magneto assembling the armor of Stark’s various satellites, he is taken down with a few punches. However, Magneto was at a disadvantage as Iron Man’s punches contained the concentrated force of Stark’s entire weapon system. These are blows that could have brought Thanos down.


Iron Man's Armored Adventures

The two also fought in the animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures. This fight is much simpler than the AvX combat, with Magneto pressing against Iron Man using the maximum power of his Magnetic Power.

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However, Stark finds a very simple solution to this: he generates weaves that counteract Magneto’s magnetic abilities. This prevents Magneto from throwing Iron Man like a rag doll. But even after doing that, Magneto still beats Tony twice in the episode. Tony needs War Machine and Jean Gray (under the pseudonym “Annie Claremont”) to stop Magneto. Ultimately, in both fights, Magneto overwhelmed Stark very, very quickly, simply by throwing items at him or finding ways to interfere with the functionality of his armor with his powers.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures offers toned-down versions of the two heroes. the AvX Versions, on the other hand, both showcase their maximum potential and, even then, every attack Tony sends Magneto is dismantled and broken down. It was only because Stark approached Magneto and unleashed his full power in a few punches that Iron Man managed to win. If Stark isn’t completely ready to defeat Magneto, the villain will easily win.

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