Where to find (and mine) magnetite ore in the New World


Lodestone Ore is an essential resource in the New World for crafting Tuning Orbs, vital items for Expeditions. Here are the best places to grow it.

Lodestone Ore is a high level rare resource found mostly in the corners and along the borders of the regions of New world. While players can use its raw and refined form in settlement or stronghold upgrades, the primary purpose of this resource is to craft Tuning Orbs, special items used to access of the new world Endgame Expeditions.

Like any higher-level exploitable resource in New world, Lodestone ore requires players to grind for a certain amount of time before it can be farmed. A mining level of 105 is required to collect Lodestone, and players must be between levels 50 and 60 to use in Stonecutting to craft Tuning Orbs. Lodestone ore is significantly rarer than other ore types and requires quite long treks to reach it. Read on to find out where are the best places to find and mine Lodestone Ore in New world.


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While the best places to farm Lodestone ore in New world are located in the northern regions of Aeternum, players can also find this valuable mineral clustered collectively in other regions. In particular, the optimal farming locations for Lodestone ore are found in the Great Cleave, Brightwood, Weaver’s Fen, Cutlass Keys, and Everfall. Since each group of nodes in these regions are far apart from each other, it would be a good idea to take some time to mine Lodestone ore if you ever pass through the region.

New World: Magnetite Ore Locations in Great Cleave

New world map Lodestone Ore Region Great Cleave

The Great Cleave is probably the first region of New world to extract ore from Lodestone. Northeast of the zone’s fast travel sanctuary is a dense population of Lodestone located in both Nullcavity and Catara Falls. Enemies that spawn in these areas range from level 40 to 50, so players should be on their toes.

New World: Magnetite Ore Locations in Brightwood

New World Map Lodestone Ore Region Brightwood

Just below the Great Cleave is the Brightwood area, Lodestone’s second-best source of ore. Heading west from Brightwood Town, players can easily find and farm an abundance of Lodestone. There are a few other exploitable locations a little further north in the region, which are great for players who may not have recovered enough from the western border.

New World: Lodestone Ore Locations in Weaver’s Fen

New world map Lodestone Ore Region Weaver's Fen

Northwest of Weaver’s Fen, players can find a decent Lodestone Ore farming spot in New world. This is a great area to mine for the rare mineral as all the nodes are grouped together in a tight circle.

New World: Magnetite Ore Locations in Cutlass Keys

New World Map Lodestone Ore Region Cutlass Keys

Along the cliffs of Spiti Ruins northeast of Cutlass Keys, New world players can easily find Lodestone farming nodes. This region is a great option for miners who don’t want to be bothered by difficult, high-level enemies. However, keep in mind that a few older, higher level enemies spawn nearby.

New World: Magnetite Ore Locations in Everfall

Everfall might arguably be the easiest region to mine Lodestone ore, as all enemies in the area spawn around level 20. Players won’t find much Lodestone here other than Ginger Hovel, who is in the game southeast of the region map. Similar to the farming area in Weaver’s Fen, Everfall’s Lodestone ore is nicely packed in a circular fashion.

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New world is available on PC.

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