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The Army Recognition editorial team explains how the An iron dome, an Israeli air defense missile system used to destroy HAMAS rockets. In this video you will also see a comprehensive technical review of the world’s most efficient combat system that provides an effective defense solution to counter rockets, artillery, and mortars (referred to as C-RAM for short) , as well as airplanes, helicopters, drones, unguided and precision guided missiles.
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The An iron dome is the only dual mission system in the world that offers an effective defense solution to counter rockets, artillery and mortars (what is called C-RAM for short), as well as airplanes, helicopters, drones , unguided and precision guided missiles. The system is an effective system for countering C-RAM threats with ranges up to 70 km and, for very short air defense protection (or V-SHORAD) up to 10 km. The system works in all weather conditions including low cloud, rain, dust storms or fog.

A single Iron Dome battery is needed to protect an urban area of ​​approximately 150 km² against rockets fired at a distance of 15 km, with the defended area expanding if the rockets are fired at greater distances, which is crucial because HAMAS has just demonstrated that it can fire missiles at distances of up to about 200 km, even 250. The Iron Dome is indeed capable of intercepting and eliminating a wide range of threats such as shells. mortar, Hamas Qassams, Hezbollah Katyusha rockets, and even Fajr rockets supplied by Iran to Hezbollah and Hamas.

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