US Marines test Iron Dome mobile battery for cruise missile interception



The US Marine Corps is testing components of the Iron Dome system (made by Israeli Rafael) that have been “reconditioned” on a large tactical vehicle in order to make the system and the Tamir interceptor mobile as well as capable of intercepting cruise ships. missiles. Janes’ website reported that if testing goes well, Marine Corps Command will consider deploying the new capability in 2022.

For some time, the Marine Corps has been studying the possibility of integrating Iron Dome launchers and interceptors into their equipment, in order to develop medium-range threat interception capabilities. In the middle of last month, the body conducted a successful test in this area and the informed development of a prototype, program director Don Kelley told Janes.

According to Kelley, the system consists of two main parts: a tactical vehicle integrated with the command and control system, and a combat management control system for the Tamir missile. The second part, the launcher and the interceptor, will be installed at the rear of the vehicles so that Iron Dome is both mobile and able to intercept various threats, including cruise missiles.



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