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Launch of the Qinetiq Banshee target drone

TEL AVIV: The Israeli Iron Dome tested its latest improvements in recent tests, taking out every target in a mixed swarm of drones and rockets.

The new upgrades will be quickly installed on existing Israeli units at the border and on two Iron Dome batteries sold to the US military.

The threat scenarios, with multiple simultaneous targets of different types entering at the same time, were modeled on the latest Israeli military intelligence. Besides the mix of rockets and drones – especially Qinetiq Banshees – there were also bursts of multiple rockets entering simultaneously. “Israel is closely following the new products of the Iranian military industry and, based on this, is taking the necessary measures,” a source said. Break the defense.

Photo of the Israeli MOD

Qinetiq Banshee target drone

The updated threat assessment is based primarily on the use of drones and advanced rockets in recent months by Houthi rebels in Yemen against targets in Saudi Arabia. In September 2019, a mix of different types of drones and missiles struck Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities, bypassing Patriot missile defenses.

So alarming are the frequent Houthi missile attacks against Saudi targets, and the potential for such attacks against the UAE, have led the two Arab countries to seriously consider purchasing the Israeli-made iron dome. Now that the United States has withdrawn its Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia, some observers argue that the pressure to buy Iron Dome will only increase.

The recent improved iron dome test took place, as usual, in southern Israel, whose desert expanses provide a useful testing ground. Israeli Air Force personnel attended, as the Air Force manages missile defense in Israel. But the new version of the Iron Dome will also be delivered to the Israeli Navy – and potentially to foreign buyers.

“Rafael and IMDO [Israel Missile Defense Organization] have continuously enhanced the capabilities of Iron Dome over the past decade, constantly improving its technological and operational performance, ”said Brig. General (Res.) Pini Yungman, chief of Rafael’s air and missile defense division. “The capabilities that have been demonstrated in this latest test will provide additional protection for the State of Israel. “

Rafael photo

A Tamir interceptor is launched from a truck mounted Iron Dome launcher.


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