Top 5 Fortnite characters who could defeat Iron Man in a fight


Trying to find out which Fortnite characters can take down some of the strongest beings in popular culture is a fun activity. Iron Man has been one of the most important Avengers since its inception.

He was the one who wielded the Infinity Stones to reverse Thanos’ snap. However, Tony Stark ended up losing his life in the process. This begs the question, are there any Fortnite characters who could defeat Iron Man in a fight?

While Iron Man has qualities that are difficult to counter, he is ultimately just another human in armor. Therefore, even Iron Man falls short of some of Fortnite’s most powerful characters.

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Fortnite characters who could defeat Iron Man in a fight

While Iron Man’s only recognized weaknesses are EMP, alcohol, and women, there are several other things Tony can’t resist. In fact, without his costume, he is virtually powerless.

5) Athleisure Assassin

The Athleisure Assassin skin in Fortnite is a mixture of beauty and stealth. Obviously, she can easily let Iron Man’s guard down, given his weakness for women.

This character is also a deadly assassin. This means that even if Iron Man is vulnerable for a moment, she won’t miss her target.

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4) Ice King

The Iron Man costume might be able to withstand even the lowest temperatures. However, Fortnite’s Ice King managed to freeze an entire island with his powers. Therefore, he wouldn’t think twice before freezing Tony Stark or freezing his heart.

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3) Crow

It’s still unclear if Raven in Fortnite is a human or just a shadow. Naturally, if he fights with Iron Man, bullets and explosions will pass through him. After all, it’s hard to kill a shadow.

Raven can easily defeat Iron Man in a fight due to his intangible nature. The Fortnite character can sneak up on the Avenger without even making a sound.

2) worry

Marigold is another deadly female character in Fortnite. It is widely regarded as the counterpart of Midas. However, it is still unclear whether she is his wife or eldest daughter. Either way, if she’s tied to Midas, she has access to a wide variety of tech.

Marigold can quickly create a machine that releases electromagnetic pulses to neutralize Iron Man. His immersive beauty is just another reason Tony Stark wouldn’t stand a chance against this Fortnite character.

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1) Agent Jones

It could be a surprising addition to this list. However, Agent Jones is one of the most important characters in Fortnite lore and might even be the most powerful. He single-handedly plans to defeat the IO, and if he’s smart and powerful enough to do so, he can defeat Iron Man.

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Iron Man has a big ego, and if Jonesy strokes him properly, Tony might even let him be his helper. If Fortnite Agent Jones can gain Iron Man’s trust and get close enough to him, he can easily defeat the Avenger.

Iron Man isn’t exactly invincible, and several Fortnite characters could end up defeating him if they clash.

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