Thor humiliated Iron Man in revenge for his betrayal during the Civil War



Iron Man created a Thor clone during Marvel’s Civil War – but the God of Thunder was paid off when he returned to Earth a little later.

Thor humiliated Iron Man in an act of revenge for his betrayal during the Marvel superhero’s Civil War. Superheroes have always tended to clash. In fact, it’s kind of a tradition for heroes to fight when they first meet – a tradition even honored by the MCU. Thor and Iron Man clashed in The Avengers, with Stark only lasting as long as he did because his armor was able to absorb Thor’s lightning energy.

The 2006 comic Civil war The event was Marvel’s biggest superhero grudge match, sparked by the Super Human Registration Act. The superhero community has gone its separate ways, with Captain America and other unregistered heroes being considered outlaws. The conflict quickly escalated, in large part because of Tony Stark’s critical mistakes; he worked with the other superhero geniuses on his side to create what he saw as WMD, a Mighty Thor clone. It didn’t go well and this Thor clone killed Goliath in a battle before being destroyed by Hercules in a rematch. The Superhero Civil War occurred at a time when the real Thor Odinson was dead, having ushered in the last Ragnarok. Needless to say, the death did not last, and when Thor returned he was seriously unhappy to learn what Stark had done with genetic samples he had secretly obtained.

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Iron Man confronted Thor when the God of Thunder visited New Orleans in search of the spirits of the gods in Thor # 3, by J. Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel. Stark was in charge of SHIELD at the time, responsible for the enforcement of SHRA, and he attempted to persuade Thor to sign up. Thor let him speak for a while, his anger growing, and it wasn’t until the thunder began to rumble and lightning bolts erupted in the skies that Stark realized this wasn’t going to be a friendly reunion. “You took my genetics coded“, thundered Thor,”and, without my permission, unbeknownst to me, used it to create an abomination – an aberration – an insult – and you told the world it was me. You have defiled my body, desecrated my confidence, violated all that I am.“His words were like thunder – and then came lightning.

Iron Man Thor Lightning

Iron Man’s repulsor blasts had absolutely no effect on Thor, so the Armored Avenger decided to do that old school – melee. It was a silly idea because Thor pushed him back with a single contemptuous blow from Mjolnir that caused so much damage that it would take two minutes for Iron Man’s self-healing systems to get him back into action. Thor followed this with an electromagnetic pulse that shut down each of Stark’s systems, ripped off his helmet, and made it clear that there was a big difference between a god of thunder and a mortal man in a metallic suit. With Stark humiliated, he left him in New Orleans, promising that their conversation would continue later. “My armor is fried,“Stark cried out, dejected.”How am I supposed to get back to base?“Thor didn’t even turn around to tell him:”Walk.

Iron Man had grown too familiar with Thor, confident he knew what his friend was capable of. Suddenly he remembered that the god of thunder was a force of nature, storm lord, and he realized in all their past arguments and arguments that his old friend had held back. The humiliation was complete as there is no doubt that Stark did not return to base; instead, he will have called in reinforcements, forcing him to admit to his people that he had been completely outclassed. He had learned what it meant to cross a god – and would never make the mistake of underestimating Thor Again.

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