The X-Men arrive at Iron Studios with three new MiniCo statues



Mine, my X-Men! New MiniCo statues have been unveiled by Iron Studios featuring iconic mutants. Three new statues are on the way with Professor X, Magneto, and Nightcrawler. Each mutant stands approximately 6 inches tall and features a hand-painted, beautifully sculpted representation of the hero (or villain). Professor X is displayed in his golden floating chair, and Magneto is ready to show that he is in fact the master of magnetism. Nightcrawler gets a bit more colorful and creative with BAMF displayed in his teleport smoke. Each of these X-Men MiniCo Statues are very well made and will be a great collectible for any home or office. Each Marvel Comics X-Men MiniCo Statue is priced at $39.99 with a Q1 2023 release. Pre-orders are already live and fans can find them all. here. Be sure to add some of the other X-Men MiniCo statues to your collection along with Cyclops, Wolverine, Psylocke, Beast, Gambit, Rogue, and Storm!

“Dressed in a suit and tie to disguise himself as an ordinary person, the heroic leader of the X-Men sat down in his sleek, futuristic golden floating chair, placed one of his hands on his bald head and, using his powerful mind, projects his telepathic psychic powers. Responding to fans and collectors, Iron Studios is increasing its collection of mutant heroes on the MiniCo line, bringing the “Professor X – X-Men – MiniCo” statue, featuring mentor and creator of the X-Men group of heroes in his classic 90s look.”

“From the midst of a purple cloud, ‘Bamf’…With a popular onomatopoeia from the Marvel Universe, the X-Men’s charismatic blue elf uses his powers to teleport between dimensions with his incredible acrobatic abilities and looks ready to Catering to fans and collectors, Iron Studios is expanding its collection of mutant heroes on its popular Toy Art line, bringing the “Nightcrawler – X-Men – MiniCo” statue, one of the most beloved X-Men fans with its classic look in the stylized MiniCo Format.”

“Dressing in his classic costume created with his powers, made of an amalgamation of various metal alloys, as tough as Iron Man’s armor, the mutant master of magnetism floats on a pedestal of metallic minerals with his arms outstretched, using his sweeping powers of control over every form of magnetism to manipulate any metal and electromagnetic fields.In their best Toy Art style, Iron Studios presents the “Magneto – X-Men – MiniCo” Statue, releasing the first supervillain of the MiniCo collection inspired by Marvel’s mutant heroes.

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