Pokemon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl: How to Get to Iron Island


Pokemon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl: How to Get to Iron Island

The Pokemon series turns 25 this year, so it’s a big year. Fans have already seen a slew of events across the internet, in games like Pokemon Go and the wildly popular card game, which revealed unique sets that were selling like hot cakes. The Pokemon Company also introduced two new games players are looking forward to as part of this year’s celebration, including the unique base game Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

While Arceus won’t be released until January 2022, Nintendo is bringing fans back to the Sinnoh region with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations. As the games themselves commemorate their 15th anniversary, these new titles have a new visual design while retaining the basic plot and gameplay loop that fans remember from the Nintendo DS editions.

As a result, older players are more likely to remember major plot points and hidden secrets that newcomers to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl may overlook. Iron Island, for example, is an entirely optional area that players will no doubt want to visit. Here’s how to locate the small island and discover its secrets.

How to visit Iron Island

Iron Island is a small ore-rich area off the west coast of the Sinnoh region that players can explore once they reach Canalave City. While players will naturally travel to Canalave City to take on Gym Leader Byron, they don’t have to.

As soon as the HM version of Surf is unlocked, you can enter Canalave City. Surfing can only be used outside of combat if players defeat Fantina at the Hearthstone City Gym. Travel to Jubilife City at this point and walk to the left side of town, then use the surf to continue west.

Once in Canalave City, players must look for a sailor standing on a wooden pier next to a boat in the southeast part of town. When you speak with the sailor, a prompt will appear asking if he wants to go to Iron Island, and choosing yes will transport him there.

What’s on Iron Island?

In comparison to some of the other locations in the game, the island is quite modest and unassuming. The vast cave that not only houses all sorts of Pokemon to catch, but also Team Galactic grunts to battle, is the defining feature of the island. Players can find TMs such as Iron Tail, as well as a variety of useful things such as full restores, ultra bullets, and more.

Exploring the underground system will eventually bring the player to Riley, a friendly NPC who will work with the player to drive out the Team Galactic infestation. Not only does Riley heal the player’s party after each battle, but typical Pokémon battles are turned into Double and Multi-Battles.

Riley will give the player an egg after the faction is eliminated, which will hatch into a Riolu. Players should make sure they have an open position on the roster, as the egg will need to fit into the active team. If there are none available, players must return to Canalave City to drop one, then return to Riley, who will still be waiting. This is the only method to find a Riolu in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and considering Lucario’s usefulness against the Elite Four, it’s well worth a look.


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