Nordic Iron Ore Reveals EU Exploration Project


Swedish mining company Nordic Iron Ore (NIO) has partnered with South African gold mining company Gold Fields to participate in FUTURE, an EU-funded ERA-MIN3 project aimed at improving exploration technology and knowledge of local mineral resources on its sites.

The company said it will also work with Uppsala University, Sercal, Wits University and the Geological Survey of Sweden through an ERA-Net Commodities Cofund to “expand sustainable solutions for ‘high-tech and innovative mineral exploration’.

The work will involve fiber optic sensing technologies, MEMS-based seismic nodes, and UAV-based magnetic and electromagnetic surveys for high-definition target generations and subsurface imaging.

It will take place at NIO mine sites in Sweden and at the Gold Field deep mine site in South Africa, where deep mining requires a better understanding of potential resources at depth and their host rock structures.

The company said several field investigations are already planned, “as well as new prototype equipment and technical solutions” to make them cost effective in hard rock environments.

The project is expected to start in April 2022 and last four years.


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