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To finish! Finally, Medicom unveiled their new MAFEX Marvel Comics figure featuring a fan favorite. The leader of the Brotherhood of Evil, the Master of Magnetism and the villainous X-Men Magneto are here! This is the second Magneto to come out of Medicom with his X-Men: Age of Apocalypse design before a comically accurate portrayal of the villain. Magneto is packed with fantastic detail and the perfect set of accessories to put the X-Men in trouble. The figure will include three different head sculpts, including two helmeted and one unmasked.

On the accessories side, a nice set of hands will be included as well as some magnetic effect pieces. The Magnetos design files come straight from the pages of Marvel Comics and will even feature a cute fabric cape. It’s a number fans have been waiting for, and the Marvel MAFEX No.179 Magneto (Original Comic Version) will be priced at $104.99. He’s set to destroy the X-Men again in December 2022, and pre-orders are already live and located here. Be sure to add more X-Men MAFEX figures to your collection with Cyclops, Wolverine, X-Force versions of Deadpool and Wolverine, and Storm. Stay tuned for more MAFEX figures from Medicom as they are revealed, and collectors can find all the other figures coming soon and available now here.

“Magneto joins Medicom’s line of MAFEX action figures again, this time sporting his original comic book look! Magneto is depicted with his short white hair and a stern expression on his face. The figure comes with a variety of parts to effect and props to show off. Magneto’s immense power.”

Product Features

  • Measures 6.30 inches tall (16 cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Original comic book design straight from the X-Men series
  • Very articulated

Box contents

  • magneto figurine
  • 3 carved heads
  • 3 pairs of alternating hands
  • Helmet
  • 6 effect pieces
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