Magneto just embarrassed Iron Man with Captain America’s shield



Magneto has just launched Captain America’s shield on Iron Man in an epic fight between the Master of Magnetism and the Avengers in Krakoa.

Warning! Spoilers for the X-Men: The Magneto Trial # 2 by Marvel Comics below

The Avengers arrived on Krakoa to stop Magneto after the shocking death of Scarlet Witch. However, Iron Man and Captain America have just discovered that taking down the Master of Magnetism is extremely difficult, especially when he can control Steve Rogers’ vibranium shield. Magneto just embarrassed Iron Man with the iconic patriotic hero weapon in a shocking new issue of X-Men: The Magneto Trial.

Magneto has become the number one suspect in the death of his daughter, Scarlet Witch. The magical hero was killed during the Hellfire Gala, causing some mutants to celebrate the murder of the person who nearly made them disappear. Magneto’s attempts for the Silent Council to resuscitate Wanda fell on deaf ears, leading those around him to believe he was responsible for the crime. Things got more complicated as the Avengers traveled to Krakoa to retrieve their teammate’s body, but Magneto doesn’t let them get in his way without a fight.

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In X-Men: Trials of Magneto # 2 by Leah Williams, Lucas Werneck, Edgard Delgado, VC’s Clayton Cowles and Tom Muller, the Avengers land on Krakoa as the mutants console Vision while offering the team a tour of the island. However, when Magneto demands the attention of the Avengers, a fight breaks out between them. Captain America, Iron Man, Wasp, and Vision trade blows with Magneto before using his powers to embarrass the team. Iron Man, who earlier boasted that his armor was “magnet-proof”, is shot down when Magneto steals Captain America’s shield and launches it at the hero.

Iron Man Captain America Magneto

To be fair to Iron Man, the rest of the Avengers aren’t doing much better. Magneto uses his abilities to send Spiral Vision to the ground as he confesses to killing Scarlet Witch. But, her confession is rendered useless as a few seconds later, Scarlet Witch herself emerges and tells them that she is moved by everyone’s actions but is ready to put the situation behind her before embracing Vision. . Magneto and the Avengers are stunned by his return.

It’s hard to say where the story goes after the reveal that Scarlet Witch is still alive. Was she resurrected? Is it the Scarlet Witch or an impostor? Also, the absence of Professor X is certainly notable. Either way, the Avengers vs. Magneto fight was worth the wait, as the mutant used Earth’s most powerful weapons against them in awe-inspiring ways – including embarrassing Iron Man with Captain America’s shield. The Avengers’ heart was in the right place, but against Magneto, they weren’t really successful until Scarlet Witch arrived. X-Men: Trials of Magneto is now in comic book stores.

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