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One of the most annoying trends in modern movies is when real directors are asked about the MCU. Martin Scorsese is just a nice enough old man who loves movies, and he said Marvel movies were more like a roller coaster. I mean, shit. Move on. He is right. Before the pandemic, I had seen every MCU movie since Iron Man 2 in theaters the first week it opened. I love the MCU, but they’re more predictable and formulaic than your typical piece of cinema.

They’re still good, though. I watch a lot of movies – as I write it’s the afternoon of January 19th and I’ve seen 29 this year – and the MCU is my favorite show of all time, as boring as it’s either to hear journalists asking Scorsese or PTA or Villeneuve if they’d like a free dunk on the MCU, it’s also annoying to see them dismissed as garbage. They’re popcorn movies, but they’re the best popcorn movies of all time. That’s why I decided to go through the MCU and match each movie with a quote-unquote piece of real cinema. Two birds, one stone. On the one hand, it shows that the MCU has more variety than expected and could make skeptics appreciate what it does well, and on the other hand, it gives MCU fans a starting point towards movies they normally wouldn’t have watched or even heard of. .


Related: There’s More To Acting Than Looking Like A Marvel Comic Book CharacterWe’ll do this once a week for every MCU movie, and if you’re still with us at the end, we’ll move on to the TV series, DCEU, or other superhero movies. Either that or no one will read them, and we can by the time the first Avengers movie comes around. Anything that works.

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There won’t be too many strict rules here. I’ll try to stick to movies that Scorsese might agree “cinema” but otherwise it’ll just be a movie that gives off the same vibes. Maybe the plot, the main character, the cinematography, the themes…just vibes, man. First up is the movie that launched the MCU in the first place – 2008’s Iron Man. If you like Iron Man, try Logan’s Run.

Logan’s Run was created in 1976, and even if I compare it to Iron Man, the best shortcut is that it’s like Justin Timberlake’s In Time movie. This is a relative paradise society, with the notable catch that you die when you hit 30. Technically, you have the chance to be reborn, but as our hero Logan finds out, no one is actually reborn. They simply die.

Technically, there are many similarities. It looks schlocky by today’s standards, but a lot of the cinematic tricks around holograms and other ’70s sci-fi staples come from Logan’s Run. Likewise, Iron Man influenced what would become the standard superhero movie style in the MCU and beyond, picking up influence from the X-Men and Spider-Man. To suggest that you might enjoy two films because both had different techniques that other films later used is a stretch, but thankfully the two have more in common than that.

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Iron Man is ultimately about Tony Stark finding his place in the world and accepting his old role as an arms dealer. In Logan’s Run, Logan is a Sandman – it’s his job to kill people who try to escape the ritual of rebirth. Not everyone takes everything about being reborn on faith, so some run away. As he realizes how the system works, he comes to regret his actions and, much like Stark, strives to change things. This puts him on a collision course with his partner, just as Stark’s change of heart changes his relationship with Stane forever.

A main theme in Logan’s Run is the danger of hedonism. As people only live to be 30, it’s a society of perpetual youth, and as such the characters all dress and behave with sexual and often ambiguous freedom. Michael York plays Logan as a very different type of charismatic charmer from Robert Downey Jnr’s Tony Stark, but the two share a magnetism, a sense of reckless abandonment that crystallizes into deeper feelings, Stark for Pepper and Logan for Jenny, his companion on her journey to find the truth.

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There are no robot fights in the sky, but again, by 70s standards, there are some pretty decent sci-fi sequences and gorgeous shots. The cinematography is one of the weakest elements in the MCU, but the creativity around putting together Tony’s suit has always been one of the best uses of green screen and ping pong balls. Logan’s Run isn’t the most obvious movie to connect to Iron Man, but it is the movie with the closest Iron Man vibes, and that’s really what we’re after here.

An easier choice would have been a film with robots – with iron men. RoboCop shares a sort of political commentary, but overall the two movies are very different in their themes and tones, whereas beyond the whole robot thing I don’t see a lot of link with Metropolis, The Terminator or Ghost in the Shell. They’re all great movies, but they’re not Iron Man, not in the sense of Logan’s Run. Check back next week for The Incredible Hulk, everyone’s favorite MCU movie that’s sure to see this column go gloriously popular overnight.

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