Iron Man’s Strongest Suit Officially Isn’t Up To Hulk Or Thor


While Iron Man is definitely a runner-up in the “Strongest Avenger” debate, even his most powerful armor pales next to Thor or Hulk.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War and Pontoon #seven!

Whereas Iron Man has some of the most technologically advanced weapons in the entire Marvel Universe, Thor and PontoonThe Last Battle Proves Tony Stark Isn’t Even Close To Being The Strongest Avenger Again. Iron Man often designs armor to specifically compete with Thor and Hulk, such as the Hulkbuster and Thorbuster suits. Tony’s latest massive creation has more than enough power to take down both powers…or so he thought.

Over the past few years, Tony has created armor that can travel at the speed of light, emit unlimited amounts of projectile energy, and defend him from almost anything imaginable. This undoubtedly puts him at a much closer rank to Thor and Hulk than other Avengers like Hawkeye, Black Widow, or Captain America. For example, his heroic age armor, also dubbed “Bleeding Edge Armor”, resides within his skin and covers him in seconds. On top of that, the Hero Age costume gave Tony enough energy to defeat the magnetism master himself, Magneto. It makes almost no sense that a metal-clad man could outmatch Magneto, but Iron Man is so powerful that he’s actually defeated the X-Men villain multiple times.


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In Donny Cates, Martin Coccolo and Gary Frank Pontoon #7, Iron Man suits up in his new Celestial Armor, arguably his most powerful model ever. Additionally, visual clues, such as the cosmic power plates on his chest and massively oversized gauntlets, prove that this armor is inspired by the Thorbuster and Hulkbuster suits. If any Iron Man armor has the ability to easily get rid of Thor and Hulk, this is it. Nonetheless, Thor and Hulk consistently knock Iron Man down with ease. Near the end of the comic, the Hulk releases explosive radiation, creating a force of 3,000 gamma bombs. Celestial shields are enough to ensure Tony’s survival, but he can’t say the same for his completely trashed suit.

Iron Man still can NOT beat Thor or Hulk.

After the explosion, Tony asks BOSS, his AI assistant, if the radiation was powerful enough to create a new Hulk. BOSS replies that the energy was so powerful that it should have wiped out any humans in the radius. Thor, however, is an Asgardian, not a human. The comic ends on a cliffhanger revealing that Thor survived the explosion as a gamma-powered green creature. Thor has officially become the Hulk in Marvel Comics. Tony’s most powerful Iron Man armor does indeed emit high levels of energy, but nothing close to 3,000 gamma bombs. If the Hulk’s latest feat isn’t enough to vaporize Thor, there’s probably nothing Iron Man can do to beat the God of Thunder for good.

Iron Man is capable of an insane number of feats, but defeating Hulk and Thor at full strength will never be one of them. While Tony is absolutely one of the most distinguished superheroes on Earth, the ruthless power of Hulk and Thor is too much for an analytical mind like his to handle. If Marvel is the strongest Avenger is Hulk or Thor is still debatable, but unfortunately for Iron Man fans, it’s definitely not Tony Stark.

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