Iron Man’s Secret Armor also serves as a business lawyer


Iron Man’s Secret Armor is the most utilitarian version of Tony Stark yet, as the billionaire actually created a costume that literally acts as a lawyer.

by marvel Iron Man is one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe – and he’s also one of Earth’s smartest businessmen, so it’s no surprise that the genius, billionaire, playboy-philanthropist literally invented a lawyer. As CEO of Stark Industries, Tony is often plagued by legal issues; the lawyers who accompany him wherever he goes would not be seen as out of the ordinary. In the collection of short stories Iron Man: Titanium, the tale Railguns, Power Ties and Titanium Men, written by Adam Warren with the art of Salva Espin and the colors of Rachelle Rosenberg, presents readers with Tony Stark’s “Lawyer Armor”.

Early in the story, Tony Stark accompanies Pepper Potts (along with bodyguards and lawyers) to a public meeting in a new skyscraper; the young Chief Technological Officer of the company Designed Intelligence, Huang Qiaolian seems ready to announce the IPO of the company in front of dozens of potential investors. Instead, she kidnaps all the participants and holds them hostage through the use of the Titanium Man: a robot that can also deploy smaller versions of itself. To add insult to injury, Huang Qiaolian is not from Designed Intelligence at all, but from Advanced Idea Mechanics, or AIM.

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Huang Qiaolin’s plan is revealed as she leads the hostages to high-speed electromagnetic elevators. They are not elevators; they are mass pilots, designed to launch the cabins into orbit where they will reenter the atmosphere and land near an AIM ship. But Tony Stark has a plan; he stands in the middle of his two lawyers and initiates a high-speed transformation sequence. The two lawyers disassemble and form around Tony, creating new armor. “Custom conversation over,” he said – while Huang is amazed that Stark could find a practical use for corporate lawyers.

Tony Stark is no stranger to hiding his costumes in plain sight. The most famous of Tony’s hidden armor is the “suitcase armor” popularized in Iron Man 2, but was seen much earlier in the comics. Unlike the movie, the costume was not disguised as a briefcase; he just hid Tony’s foldable armor inside. The Extremis armor was the next logical step; Tony tucked the armor undersheath inside his bones and moved it out of his skin with mental command.

Using the Lawyer Armor, Tony was able to save Pepper Potts and the passengers inside the elevators, destroy the Titanium Man, and defeat Huang Qiaolin (who was later revealed to be a life-pattern decoy) . Stark’s legal issues worked to his advantage in this case. Iron man the reputation of chatting with an entourage allowed one more armor up his sleeve.

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