Iron Man’s ‘Pinball’ Armor Would Make Deadpool Lose His Mind


Marvel’s Iron Man has made dozens of suits, but his “pinball suit” is the most ridiculous and crazy suit Tony Stark has ever created.

marvel’s Iron Man is known for making a ridiculous amount of armored suits over the decades, but his latest creation is sure to turn heads, especially Dead Pool. The character continually reinvents their costumes, creating new and innovative ways to battle Super Villains while maximizing wearer protection. Corn Love at first sight #143 gives the Armored Avenger his most ridiculous armor yet: the “Pinball Amor”.

Iron Man initially had rather featureless armor to escape the clutches of Wong-Chu, the communist warlord of Sin-Cong (very thinly veiled Vietnam). The suit’s primary function was to act as a pacemaker for Stark’s damaged heart and an electromagnet preventing deadly shrapnel from reaching the organ. Besides their superior toughness, the jet boots were the main feature of the Mark I Iron Man suit – although they were quite crude, and the flight technology would only get finer and better as Stark created more. more and more armor combinations.


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The cover variant of the Love at first sight #143 portrays Tony in his Pinball Amor, with accompanying lightning bolts to better match the series title. A pinball track wraps around Tony’s arms and legs (with physics-defying pinball machines rolling across the track), and the transparent faceplate reveals a fully functional pinball table, complete with bumpers, pinball machines and even a display indicating a high score (perhaps hugely inflated thanks to Tony’s insatiable ego). Even his biceps are replaced with sturdy springs and his shoulders are adorned with “TILT” signs.

In addition to giving Tony Stark a distinctive neon-lit appearance and possible pinball powers (the jury is out on exactly how namifest those powers would be), the costume would directly appeal to Deadpool in terms of sheer ridiculousness. As a character who thrives on non-sequences and outlandish eccentricities, Deadpool would undoubtedly be easily won over by Pinball armor, so much so that the Merc with a Mouth wouldn’t even wish to fight Stark if the two were against each other. to one another. another in battle (perhaps because Wade Wilson wouldn’t dare to damage the armor). Maybe Deadpool would just insult Iron Man for carrying a pinball table into battle instead of just making arcade games from the safety of Stark Tower.

Unfortunately, pinball armor only appears in the variant cover pictured above and does not take into account any plot universe or canon. However, based on the Marvel Multiverse, it’s entirely plausible that there is a universe in which pinball-adorned Stark goes into battle (with pinball noises, no doubt). Far from being Iron Man’s worst mistake, the Pinball Armor is a wacky and wonderful addition to his collection.

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