Iron Man’s Armor Wars story explained


Stark had faked Iron Man’s death, putting blood inside and remotely piloting the armor destroyed by Firepower. Bruised and beaten, Stark was happy to let Iron Man stay dead and get on with his life.

When Boynton came to claim the Firepower armor they had funded for the military, Cord refused to give it up. He had his own agenda: destroy Tony Stark. First, he used Firepower to intimidate those who did business with him. Then Firepower began to destroy the company’s assets. Finally, he delivered a message from Cord: Leave Stark Enterprises, or die.

Stark responded by building a new Iron Man suit, specially designed to defeat Firepower. He vowed to destroy the new costume as soon as the threat was over. The firepower predictably manifested itself when a new branch opened. Iron Man had a counter for each of Firepower’s turns: he was able to block his automatic missile lock, he used a new energy shield to absorb Firepower’s arm cannons, and then he nailed it with pulse bolts. as Firepower tried to flee. When Firepower tried to launch Terminax, he was horrified to find it was stuck.

Iron Man used an electromagnetic pulse to shut down Firepower’s systems, then used his computer to find the nuclear weapon’s cancellation code. After that, he ripped off Firepower’s helmet, telling him he could have done it all the time. Firepower told him there would be more, which prompted Stark to decide to keep Iron Man alive.


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