Iron Man’s 10 Strongest Feats In The Comics, Ranked


When Tony Stark first created Iron Man’s armor to break free from wartime captivity, he used it to increase his strength, protect his body, and arm himself with advanced weapons. Its armor has improved dramatically over the years to include even more advanced weapons and defensive systems thanks to Stark’s own improvements in miniaturized technology.

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As Iron Man’s armaments and defense have received many technological advancements, his strength has grown steadily with each new armor. Watching some of Iron Man’s most impressive feats of strength in the comics shows just how advanced his armor has become.

ten He fought Captain America to a standstill during the Superhuman Civil War

Captain america iron man

Captain America isn’t generally considered one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Still, taking down the Patriotic Avenger is considered quite a feat, given his enhanced abilities, tactical skills, and unstoppable resolve.

Iron Man and Captain America were forced to face each other during the Superhuman Civil war, who saw Iron Man face off against powerful threats like Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and many more. However, it was his ability to fight Captain America to a standstill that really stood out to his fellow heroes, as well as the fans.

9 Iron Man shot five battleships across the ocean with one of his ancient armor

Iron Man towing battleships using chains

During a fight with Namor the submarine which inevitably turned into a team, Iron Man discovered a covert operation by the Roxxon Company, which was attempting to take control of an island containing a vibranium deposit.

Roxxon chose to detonate the Vibranium when a fleet of Navy battleships arrived near the island, forcing Iron Man to tow the ships to safety. Iron Man wore one of his old armor but could still tow thousands of tons across the ocean, proving how strong Iron Man was back then.

8 Perforated through a vibranium / adamantium sphere containing Stark scientists

Iron Man hitting through adamantium vibranium sphere and breaking his arm

Adamantium and Vibranium are two of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe, each with powerful properties that make them excellent both on offense and defense. Wolverine’s adamantium claws can cut through almost anything, while Black Panther’s vibranium weapons can absorb and amplify sonic energy.

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Iron Man was called in to deal with Cardiac, who had taken scientists from Stark hostage and locked them in a vibranium / adamantium sphere. Iron Man was able to get enough distance that he could propel himself like a missile and strike through two of Earth’s toughest metals in order to give scientists air, although this seriously injured his armor and arm.

seven He shot both Captain Marvel and Gamora with his advanced advanced armor

Iron Man releases Captain Marvel and Gamora in his Model Prime armor

Iron Man’s Model Prime armor was one of the most powerful versions Tony Stark created. He used advanced nanotechnology that allowed him to reconfigure his costume and weapons on the fly as needed.

This meant that Iron Man could use powerful weapons against his opponents that were usually reserved for his specialized “buster” armor. During the Second civil war Eventually, Iron Man faced powerful heroes like Captain Marvel and Gamora. Although outmatched, the Model Prime armor allowed him to effectively use both characters with enhanced force.

6 Iron Man knocked out a magically enraged She-Hulk during the Avengers teardown

The team that Iron Man founded were nearly torn apart by Scarlet Witch during the Avengers: Disassembled an event. A few of the Avengers have been magically manipulated by Scarlet Witch, who also enraged She-Hulk to turn her into an insane and powerful weapon.

She-Hulk ripped Vision in two before Iron Man could fight. He delivered a powerful punch that completely knocked She-Hulk out, ending his threat and proving just how strong Iron Man can be when he needed to take out someone taller than him.

5 He created the Thorbuster armor to take on the incredibly powerful King Thor

Iron Man's Thorbuster armor hitting King Thor

Iron Man has created a lot of specialized armor to take on powerful opponents over the years, although he has occasionally had to use this armor against his closest friends. When an upgraded Odinforce-powered King Thor intervened in the nation of Slokovia, Stark was forced to create a new Asgardian-powered armor called Thorbuster.

This armor may have gone hand in hand with King Thor, and although it held up for a while, Iron Man still couldn’t defeat Thor. Although she could not achieve her goal, the Thorbuster armor was still powerful enough to challenge a god.

4 He faced Worldbreaker Hulk in his enhanced Hulkbuster armor during World Hulk War

Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor vs. Worldbreaker Hulk's split image

One of Tony’s first specialized armor was known as the Hulkbuster, as it was primarily designed to take on the strongest Avengers if he went wrong, the Incredible Hulk. Iron Man has managed to defeat or distract the Hulk on several occasions, both on his own and using various versions of the Hulkbuster armor over the years.

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However, his stronger Hulkbuster unit was brought to light during the World war hulk an event. Tony was forced to face an improved Hulk, known as the Worldbreaker Hulk, who had vowed revenge on Iron Man and the Illuminati. This Hulkbuster armor was capable of hitting the Hulk a mile and a half through multiple buildings while resisting powerful hits from the Hulk.

3 Tony defeated Magneto using the strength of Jupiter’s magnetic field during AvX

Iron Man vs. Magneto from Avengers vs. X-Men

It looks like there would be an easy winner in a battle between Iron Man and Magneto, as one uses a metal flying suit while the other is the master of magnetism. However, they fought during the Avengers vs. X-Men event, giving fans a new take on the long-discussed battle.

Iron Man came equipped with special armor that contained no metal and used Magneto’s own power against him by tapping into Jupiter’s magnetic field to power his armor. Magneto seemed to have his second wind when he began to draw more energy from the cosmic magnetic fields. However, the arrival of the Phoenix disrupted Magneto’s power, giving Iron Man the chance to knock him out.

2 He fractured the Phoenix cosmic force with his Phoenix-Buster armor

Iron Man in his Phoenix slayer armor vs. the Phoenix

The return of the Phoenix Force to Earth was what inspired the shock of the heroes during the Avengers vs. X-Men event, as the two groups disagreed on how to handle the return of the cosmic entity to possess young Hope Summers. Iron Man and the Avengers attempted to stop the Phoenix Force on the moon and destroy it, even though even Thor’s mighty hammer could not leave a trace.

Stark created an advanced armor known as the Phoenix-Buster, which contained a powerful Disruptor. The armor was able to confront and disrupt the cosmic entity that fractured the Phoenix Force, forcing it to divide and strengthen the X-Men, who became known as the Phoenix Five.

1 Iron Man took on incredibly powerful Dark Celestials in his Godkiller Mark II armor

Iron Man battling the Dark Celestials in Godkiller MkII armor

Tony Stark once piloted a powerful armor known as the Godkiller. After his loss, he began to build his own version known as Godkiller Mark II in case he even needed it to defend Earth from celestial level threats.

When the Dark Celestials of the Final Host arrived to destroy Earth, Tony Stark piloted the Godkiller Mark II and faced off against some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. While the Dark Celestials have teamed up on the Godkiller Mark II and torn it apart, it remains one of Iron Man’s most powerful exploits.

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