Iron Man Stealth Armor Gets Ten Ring Upgrade In Epic Marvel Cover


New Marvel Comics art from Alex Ross teases that Iron Man will attempt to acquire the Mandarin’s Ten Rings before they fall into the wrong hands.

Warning! Spoiler for Iron Man #23 by Marvel Comics

marvel’s Iron Man gets a Ten Rings upgrade, while Alex Ross’ new cover shows the hero’s stealth armor getting a powerful new feature. In a new preview for Iron Man #23 by Marvel Comics, Tony Stark will head into a dangerous black market to make sure the Mandarin’s Ten Rings don’t fall between their hands. However, securing the rings will not be easy.

The Mandarin’s Ten Rings are one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe, as alien technology contains the souls of cosmic warriors and grants the wearer their powers. Each ring has a specific power, including energy manipulation and projection, flame and ice blasts, mental manipulation and illusions, electromagnetic attacks, and more. Famously, the Mandarin wears all ten rings together, debuting as the villain of Iron Man. However, in the comics, the Ten Rings have had a rewrite of recent origin, moving away from their extraterrestrial origin and being actual rings, instead connecting them to Ta Lo, which is the same backstory given to the weapons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Despite the retcon, the Ten Mandarin Rings are still around in the Marvel Universe, as Alex Ross’ new artwork shows Iron Man wielding them in his stealth armor.


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Marvel Comics has revealed its solicitation for Iron Man #23, which will see Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes travel to Macau for Source Control, one of the most dangerous black markets for illegal technology on Earth. Iron Man attempts to acquire the Mandarin’s Rings, as he will face off against criminal buyers to ensure the powerful weapons don’t fall into the wrong hands. Discover the cover of Iron Man #23 by Alex Ross (apparently a tribute to The Green Lantern #49 by Daryl Banks), which features Iron Man in his stealth armor as he secures the Ten Rings.

Iron Man 23 cover

Acquiring the Mandarin Rings will be a difficult task for Iron Man, as he will face off against the Cobalt Man, who is willing to kill Tony Stark if necessary to obtain the weapons for himself. See the solicitation for Iron Man #23 below.

  • IRON MAN #23
  • Cover by ALEX ROSS
  • Operating in stealth mode with Jim Rhodes, Iron Man landed in Macau and immersed himself in SOURCE CONTROL – the world’s worst black market in stolen and illegal technology – all in an attempt to stage a clandestine purchase of THE MANDARIN’S RINGS. It’ll require Tony Stark-level capital and strategy, but SPYMASTER may have a different buyer – and a mean double cross – ready to pull the rug out from under Iron Man’s boots. It looks like someone else is willing to pay top dollar for these rings and is willing to pull them from Iron Man’s dead hands if need be… THE COBALT MAN.

With the Ten Rings getting bigger and bigger as they did in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, it remains to be seen whether the Mandarin Rings Iron Man is after the same or the original alien versions that may still exist. Anyway, Alex Ross’ epic cover for Iron Man #23 with the hero in his stealth armor, wielding the Ten Mandarin Rings, makes for an exciting adventure for Tony Stark. Iron Man #23 from Marvel Comics hits comic book stores and online retailers in August.

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