Iron Man In Marvel’s Avengers Guide: Tips And Best Abilities To Get The First


Marvel’s Avengers is now live, allowing you to step into the shoes of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. To help you get the most out of your favorite superhero, we’ve compiled character guides. In this edition, we take a look at billionaire inventor with a heart of gold (and electromagnets), Iron Man.

Iron Man Hero summary

While many Marvel’s Avengers heroes are beefy brawlers, only a few specialize in long-range attacks. Iron Man is the crew’s glass cannon. He has much better mobility options than some other characters due to his flight abilities, but he’s also more vulnerable to attack from enemies in a melee situation. For this reason, it’s best to keep your distance as the Iron Man and use his wide array of high-tech tools to perform their specialized functions.

Iron Man is arguably the best-equipped character for long-range engagement. While Black Widow has her guns and Cap and Thor can throw projectiles, these characters are more stealth and brute force-based, respectively. By comparison, Iron Man is a Swiss army knife of ranged attack options, especially once you start investing upgrade points.

The Unibeam Special is a versatile tool for close and distant encounters.

Iron Man: General Tips

Keep your distance. While Iron Man has dodges and counters like all heroes, he can easily become overwhelmed. Whenever possible, get away from direct conflict and go wild with ranged attack options, then launch out to kill when you’ve toned down enemy forces.

Find the right tool for the job. Once you start unlocking them in his skill tree, Iron Man has a variety of different long-range tools: repulsor blast, rockets, and lasers. Each has a slightly different function, especially as you start to unlock subtypes like Mini Rockets. Familiarize yourself with each and be prepared to trade on the fly multiple times during a single encounter.

Use rockets to break shield blocks. For most melee-focused characters, you can get around a protected enemy by hovering over them or with a sufficiently powerful strike. But when fighting from a distance, Iron Man doesn’t really have those options. What it does have, however, is the damage caused by splashing from its rockets. Aim your rocket explosion at the feet of a protected enemy to stagger them and drop their shield, then unleash with attacks as usual.

The Unibeam is super versatile. One of Iron Man’s special abilities is also one of his most iconic, the Unibeam. It’s basically a laser-type repellant blast coming out of his chest. It’s also one of the most versatile attacks you have, perfect for evading if you’re overwhelmed by enemies or doing heavy damage from a distance.

Medical! Iron Man is one of the most mobile characters, which makes him one of the best for quickly browsing some of the biggest maps in the open world. In multiplayer, this makes him perfect for reviving fallen allies, since he can melt, hold the line for a few seconds while resurrecting another Avenger, and then fly away.

Play sniper. Iron Man is also a great support character to keep his teammates safe to begin with, soaring above the battle and taking out enemies from afar and reigning rockets over swarms.

Hulkbust to get out of traffic jams. Iron Man’s ultimate, the Hulkbuster, is the exact opposite of his usual playstyle. It is a slow, heavy fortress with incredible melee strength. Don’t go wasting all that power on a few skinny mobs. Save it for when you start to get overwhelmed by enemies and can’t get out of it, or when you need to take on an equally big threat.

Iron Man is one of the best ranged characters, great for support.
Iron Man is one of the best ranged characters, great for support.

Better abilities to get the first

If you want your Iron Man to be more robust in melee combat, invest in primary melee abilities and defense specialty abilities. Injecting a few points into that start will make him pretty much a match for other more melee-oriented characters, at least as a starting point, and then you can build him up from there.

However, if you prefer to rely on his natural strengths as a ranged fighter, you can mostly leave melee abilities alone, although you still want to put a few points on defense just to be safe. The Energy barrier and Thruster Dodge are both good investments that will come in handy whether you’re doing a melee or ranged build.

To make Iron Man a true Swiss Army knife with different ranged abilities, pour your points into the Laser and Rockets primary abilities, before going back to upgrading your base Repulsor Primary. The Mini rockets The ability is good for marking multiple enemies, or an enemy multiple times, and it effectively breaks their blockage and makes them vulnerable to more damage. You can still upgrade it with Smart rockets to give him a researcher capacity. In the Laser menu, Photon Samurai Allows you to stun a swarm of enemies much more effectively than your other melee attacks, giving you time to perform follow-up strikes or soar and build up distance. Finally, in the Repulsor menu, the Hand cannon and Power pulse abilities give you a big boost to your standard melee power attack.

Ultimately, it seems likely that hitting level 50 will unlock Iron Man’s entire skill tree in each branch, so in the long run, you won’t need to make those kinds of compromises. To build your character early on, think carefully about your own playstyle and how you want to use Iron Man’s suite of abilities.


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