Iron Man Game: Is Electronic Arts developing the single player game “Iron Man”? all you need to know

There has been a rumor that Electronic Arts is developing a single-player Iron Man video game. Currently, EA is developing several single-player entries, and one of them is apparently based on Marvel’s iconic armored superhero.

The game will have a single player shooter. Reporter Jeff Grubb confirmed the news during a Game Mess game. There, he revealed the publisher was building up another Marvel fame after a week of announcing a Black Panther title.

Grubb never revealed which Marvel character the next EA title was based on. However, Tom Henderson, the journalist for XFire, claims that the character would be Iron Man. Although he heard rumors about Iron Man being included, he never got anything concrete.

His Tweet made it clear that he wanted to share the news under the “rumor” category. Henderson already has a huge reputation for leaking information such as FIFA 23 crossplay and women’s league features earlier this year.

No word on the plot or mechanics of the video game has been found. However, given the trend of the latest games in the market, players can expect an open-world system, given Iron Man’s superpower to fly across vast expanses using his boosters.

On the other hand, the Black Panther game is also expected to be an open-world entry. A Seattle-based studio is developing the game. It’s called Project Rainier, led by Monolith vice president Kevin Stephens. It’s worth mentioning that Stephens has previously worked on Middle-earth titles including Shadow of War and Shadow of Mordor.

If all goes well, the single-player Iron Man video game will mark Iron Man’s third entry, followed by 2020’s Iron Man VR and Marvel Avengers.

Square Enix shared the co-op title long before selling it for NFTs. Due to performance issues and tasteless gameplay, the title received mixed reception after its launch.

After a successful month of December, here are Marvel’s plans for 2022

After a successful month of December, here are Marvel’s plans for 2022

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