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While Iron Man is Marvel’s most famous armored hero, he has faced many armored villains over the years who have gained notoriety of their own, including Tony Stark’s eastern counterpart of Iron Man, the Armored Soldier. Soviet / Russian known as Crimson Dynamo.

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Like Stark’s ever-evolving Iron Man armory, several different versions of the Crimson Dynamo armor have appeared over the years, although there have been still more pilots than armors that have come along. referred to as Crimson Dynamo over the years. Today we’re going to take a closer look at Crimson Dynamo armor to see which was the deadliest.

ten Anton Vanko created the first Crimson Dynamo armor that has been reused several times over the years

Anton Vanko in the original Crimson Dynamo armor

The original Crimson Dynamo armor was created by Anton Vanko, a specialist in electromagnetism. This carried over to his armor designs, as the suit was able to control and manipulate energy thanks to the powerful Vanko generator. Vanko operated as the Crimson Dynamo and focused on proving his Eastern superiority over Iron Man.

However, his armor was stolen and worn by Boris Turgenov, and the ultimate battle between the Dynamos killed them both and destroyed the armor. Modified versions of the original armor are said to be used by armored soldiers of the Supreme Soviet and a Russian sleeper agent who appeared in Order before his armor failed him.

9 Levi once appeared as a short-lived Crimson Dynamo in enhanced armor alongside a titanium man

Levi was a champion of Russia as a Crimson Dynamo

A new Crimson Dynamo has appeared in a land skirmish between Latveria and Transia that occurred in Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth Iron Man’s Legacy, although not much has been revealed about the character beyond Levi’s name.

The new Crimson Dynamo worked with a new Titanium Man, although their armor was remotely piloted by the Kremlin in Moscow. The new Dynamo armor appeared to be a significant upgrade from previous versions, although it did not measure up to an army of Doombots powered by Stark’s Iron Man technology and it was no longer saw again.

8 Alex Nevsky designed the enhanced Crimson Dynamo Mark III armor which was also worn by Yuri Petrovich and Dimitri Bukharin

Alex Nevsky in Crimson Dynamo Mark III armor

Nevsky was one of Vanko’s assistants who followed Vanko to the United States after his death so that he could rebuild the Crimson Dynamo armor and take revenge on Iron Man, whom he blamed alongside the Soviet government for the defection and death of Vanko.

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Nevsky’s new armor shared similar abilities to Vanko’s, but added increased offensive weapons like a rocket launcher, smoke screens, and electro-thrust bolts. Nevsky joined Titanium Man and Radioactive Man as Titanic Three before his presumed death at the hands of the KGB, and his armor was used by both Yuri Petrovich and Dmitri Bukharin.

7 Boris Vadim wore Tinkerer-enhanced Crimson Dynamo armor to fight the Skrulls with the Winter Guard

Boris Vadim in Crimson Dynamo Mark IV armor

Russia and the former Soviet Union have had a number of government-sponsored teams over the years, although the Winter Guard has been the country’s primary superhero team for years. Crimson Dynamo is a long-time member of the Winter Guard and other Russian teams, although there is a high turnover rate.

Boris Vadim was introduced as a new Crimson Dynamo in the country’s war against a Skrull invasion, though he was later killed by the Presence in Hulk: Winter Guard. Vadim’s armor was improved with modern technology but was removed after his death.

6 Crimson Dynamo XIII wore the Mark VII armor in its one and only appearance

an unknown pilot in the Crimson Dynamo Mark VII armor

Given the frequent rotations of Dynamo program pilots and leaked plans for the armor on the black market, there are still a few unknown characters who have functioned as the Crimson Dynamo for the Russian government and as independent mercenaries.

Crimson Dynamo XIII wore the Mark VII version of the armor in a mission against Domino, who attempted to steal the helmet from the original Crimson Dynamo armor. This version of the Crimson Dynamo has never been seen again and its armor has not impressed.

5 The Tenth Crimson Dynamo got his costume on the black market before he was killed by the Punisher

An unknown mercenary in the Crimson Dynamo Mark X armor

While not much is known about the man behind the tenth Crimson Dynamo who first appeared in the pages of Daniel Knauf, Charles Knauf and Patrick Zircher Invincible iron man, the origins of his armor were found to be from the black market.

Blueprints for the armor were leaked, resulting in an increasing number of Crimson Dynamo armors in the Marvel Universe, although this particular version was easily defeated by Iron Man and then wiped out by The Punisher after a weakness of his armor was exploited by Daredevil.

4 Galina Nemirovsky wore Dire Wraith’s enhanced Ultra-Dynamo armor

Galina Nemirovsky in Ultra-Dynamo armor

After Boris Vadim’s death, a new Russian recruit was chosen to replace him, named Galina Nemirovsky, who wore an enlarged version of the Mark III armor as the last Crimson dynamo of the Winter Guard, although she eventually did been removed from the team. and the Dynamo program.

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However, she was able to steal components of the armor which she then combined with the alien Dire Wraith technology provided by the Mandarin to create the Ultra-Dynamo armor, which significantly improved the weapon systems of the armor. Original Crimson Dynamo. A version of the Ultra-Dynamo was further improved by the Tinkerer after the Latverian Secret war.

3 Dimitri Bukharin’s Mark IV dynamo armor was later enhanced by Diablo’s alchemy

Dmitry Bukharin in Crimson Dynamo Mark IV armor

While the Russian government had a Dynamo program dedicated to training new cadets, Dimitri Bukharin was a highly trained KGB agent before assuming the duties of the Crimson Dynamo. Bukharin wore the Mark III armor after Yuri Petrovich lasted only one mission, although he would soon get his own Mark IV armor which would become one of the more recognizable versions.

The unknown seventh Crimson Dynamo would also wear the Mark IV armor, although his version was alchemically enhanced by the villainous Diablo to make him even more powerful, requiring both Iron Man and Thor to defeat him.

2 Gennady Gavrilov found the powerful Crimson Dynamo Mark II experimental armor from Anton Vanko

Gennady Gavrilov in Crimson Dynamo Mark II armor

Before Anton Vanko’s death, the creator of the original Crimson Dynamo armor had secretly invented a Mark II prototype that he kept hidden. he also kept the helmet separate as he was able to remotely control the powerful armor. Young college student Gennady Gavrilov discovered the helmet and activated the armor, which unleashed across Russia as it returned to the helmet.

This armor was much larger than the original design and capable of building a deadly electromagnetic charge that required special gauntlets to contain. Gavrilov faced off against the Russian military as Crimson Dynamo in the eponymous series by John Jackson Miller and Joe Corroney, although he decided to hide the armor and it has not reappeared since.

1 Valentin Shatalov and Tony Stark both wore the Advanced Mark V Dynamo armor

One of the most advanced Crimson Dynamo armor was created using Vanko’s designs with enhanced technology. The wand was originally worn by Valentin Shatalov, although it was also worn by Tony Stark a few times. Stark and Shalatov previously exchanged bodies after a freak accident, but after their return he was jailed for the crimes Stark had committed as Shatalov.

Shatalov would then ask Stark to wear the Crimson Dynamo armor for him in a battle against Titanium Man after being injured to help him save face for his country. The Mark V armor featured increased strength, a wrist-mounted Gatling gun, missiles, and a chest-mounted fusion launcher that ultimately killed Titanium Man, much to Tony Stark’s surprise.

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