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Would the “Iron Man” Movies and the Character’s Involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Be As Good With an Actor? other than Does Robert Downey, Jr. play it? It’s a question the UK-based Sunday Times dared to ponder over the weekend, and it quickly put MCU fans and avid Downey advocates in awe.

The Sunday Times tweeted this hot plug On August 1, daring to ask if another Hollywood actor could have taken on the role of Iron Man and made the films just as memorable.

“The headlines of the last decade are brands and franchises established in many prequels and sequels. Robert Downey Jr is a leading man, but his Iron Man could be played by almost anyone with wit; the character is more important to the audience than the actor, ”wrote The Sunday Times on its official Twitter account.

Responses immediately poured in, with many pointing fingers at MCU architect and Iron Man co-creator Stan Lee’s remarks that he believed Downey was born to play the role. “I think everyone, when Robert Downey Jr. played Stark he was just awesome,” Lee told Rhode Island Comic-Con in September 2017. “That man was born to be Iron Man, you know? at the top of the list.

In fact, another well-known Hollywood name almost played Iron Man. Tom Cruise was already considered a solid bet given his tenure as an action star, but he’s already turned down the role, and it ultimately reverted to Downey to portray billionaire playboy and tech genius Tony Stark.

And the fans are so happy about it, defending Downey and pushing back the Times suggestion.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn quickly dismissed the idea that Downey was not the man for the role and noted Sunday afternoon, “I saw the screen tests. They are bulls … ”

Josh Segarra She-Hulk

Another fan (and lecturer at Harvard University) Christopher Rhodes noted, “This take ignores that much of the ‘wit’ and other specifics that made Tony Stark / Iron Man so compelling and popular were innovations from Robert Downey Jr. Perhaps a different actor could emulate his Iron Man now, but they would ‘I didn’t make it up in the first place.

Even though Downey wasn’t Marvel Studios’ first choice, it doesn’t matter now, as his face and portrayal of Tony Stark / Iron Man was entertaining enough to make the Iron Man franchise one of the most lucrative of Marvel. Since the actual launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with “Iron Man” directed by Jon Favreau in 2008, Downey has reprized the role in two sequels and has appeared in eight other MCU films, including all of the “Avengers” films. Securing Downey as Iron Man brought big checks to Marvel – the first film grossed over $ 585 million worldwide and “Iron Man 3” grossed over $ 1.2 billion worldwide.

Check out more reactions to the Sunday Times take below.

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