iOS Tips: Budget Bytes, MyTube, Phoenix, Iron Marines, WristBoard


iOS tips of the day: 6 free apps and 6 promotions including Budget Bytes, MyTube, Phoenix, Iron Marines, WristBoard. The opportunity to save 34€!

Daily, the editorial team unearths the best offers of the day on the App Store: free app, free game or limited-time promo. If an iOS application tempts you, hurry to download it during the sales! Developers can raise the price at any time, that’s also a good thing iPhone plan or a good iPad plan.

Free iOS apps:

Photo Pixelator (App, iPhone/iPad, v2.0.14, 322MB, iOS 14.0) goes from €4.99 to free.

Pixelmator Photo offers a collection of non-destructive tools with a set of presets inspired by analog photography. A magical repair tool to remove unwanted objects, correct perspective, adjust color balance and much more.

The application obviously brings full support for editing RAW images. Its credo is the ease of use/rendering ratio.

Download the free app Photo Pixelator

budget bytes app icon ipa iphone ipadBudget bytes (App, iPhone/iPad, v5.17.0, 52MB, iOS 11.0, SideChef Group Limited) goes from €2.99 to free.

Introducing the new Budget Bytes app, from Beth Moncel, cookbook author and winner of the 2016 Best How-To Food Blog award. Beth has built a loyal following of millions of fans by posting delicious recipes designed for little ones. budgets on his blog Now she’s put over 1,000 of her most popular recipes in the Budget Bytes app, complete with step-by-step photos and voice guidance. Cooking on a budget doesn’t have to mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. Welcome to the world of delicious recipes designed for small budgets.

Download the free app Budget bytes

budget bytes capture application ipa iphone ipad

trackit locate lost devices app icon ipa iphone ipadTrackIt: Locate lost devices (App, iPhone/iPad, v5.1, 13MB, iOS 14.0, Stephen Fung)

TrackIt helps you find your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, apple watch, Apple Pencil, headphones, speakers, headphones and other Bluetooth devices in minutes. We use your device’s Bluetooth signal to help locate your device with high accuracy.

TrackIt can locate any Bluetooth Low Energy device. Use it to help you or your family find your lost devices easily.

Download the free app TrackIt: Locate lost devices

trackit locate lost devices capture app ipa iphone ipad

icon mytube application ipa iphone ipadMyTube (App, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.7, 47MB, iOS 13.0, nhan nguyen) goes from €5.99 to free.

My Music is a music player app that lets you import all music to the cloud for playback. The application also allows you to create a playlist with your favorite songs and especially to recover songs from YouTube.

Download the free app MyTube

capture app mytube ipa iphone ipad

app icon asketch ipa iphone ipadA sketch (App, iPhone/iPad, v3.2.2, 12MB, iOS 12.1, Andrew Kern) goes from €1.99 to free.

Easy to learn, fascinating to use. If you draw, it’s an excellent application with sometimes unexpected but quality rendering. The best part is its simplicity with a few options that ultimately do it all.

Obviously, the drawings are in vector and do not suffer from any pixelation when zooming…

Download the free app A sketch

capture app asketch ipa iphone ipad

phoenix icon app ipa iphone ipadphoenix (App, iPhone/iPad, v1.2.4, 61MB, iOS 13.0, Ahmet Serdar Karadeniz) goes from €2.99 to free.

Phoenix allows individuals, professionals and advertising agencies to create impressive visuals. Select fixed parts in your videos while keeping the rest fluid. Create visual content that makes more sense than a photo or video. When you create a video with Phoenix, you also create a perfect photo at the same time.

Moreover, you can bring your photos to life with Phoenix by adding video effects to your photos. Therefore, you can have animated photos.

Ideal for those who post on the networks.

Download the free app phoenix

phoenix ipa iphone ipad capture app

iOS specials:

animatix app icon ipa iphone ipadanimator (App, iPhone/iPad, v1.4.3, 46 MB, iOS 9.0, Code Organa) goes from €2.99 to €0.99.

Put your photos in motion with Animatix.

Animatix turns your photos into captivating animations and cartoons. It uses real-world animation techniques to bring your photos to life, adding motion that brings their edges and colors to life. Choose from 24 animation styles, then make your animations pop with one of Animatix’s many unique cartoon, comic, sketch, and art effects. Refine your results to get the perfect look and share your creations as GIFs, videos or Live Photos.

To download animator at €0.99

capture application animatix ipa iphone ipad

iron marines icon game ipa iphone ipadiron marines (Game, Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.8.2, 1.1 GB, iOS 10.0, Ironhide SA) goes from €2.99 to €0.99.

From the creators of the award-winning Kingdom Rush trilogy comes an intense and dynamic real-time strategy game that will transport you to extraordinary and unknown planets. An immersive and challenging gameplay experience, grotesquely appealing graphics and a dash of silly humor. Brave soldiers, fearsome robots and powerful aliens await your commands to face the greatest challenges.

This RTS offers 14 missions, 10 special operations, 9 heroes, 8 weapons and 50 Game Center achievements. For the strategy side, there will be 40 developments as well as the recruitment and training of young soldiers who will evolve with the sandstone of the battles. All without an internet connection, the foot!

To download iron marines at €0.99

iron marines capture game ipa iphone ipad

teslagrad icon game ipa iphone ipadTeslagrad (Game, Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.9, 700 MB, iOS 10.0, Playdigious) goes from €6.99 to €0.99.

Teslagrad is a puzzle-platformer with action elements. Magnetism and electromagnetic power are key elements to progress and discover the secrets of the abandoned Tesla tower. Join the adventure of a young boy armed with ancient Teslamancer technology. Fight your way through the Tesla Tower and face a wide variety of challenges and puzzles. It’s beautiful and very engaging.

To download Teslagrad at €0.99

game capture teslagrad ipa iphone ipad

kingdom rush origins icon game ipa iphoneOrigins of Kingdom Rush (Game, Action, iPhone, v5.6.21, 201MB, iOS 11.0, Ironhide SA) goes from €2.99 to €0.99.

Kingdom Rush is a Tower Defense that offers some essential elements that give it an undeniable supremacy over its competitors. Accessibility, humor and strategic depth are at the rendezvous.

This is the third episode with new content: enemy units, towers, heroes, consumables, environments, each of these aspects has been updated.

The +:

To download Origins of Kingdom Rush at €0.99

kingdom rush origins capture game ipa iphone

kingdom rush revenge icon game ipa iphone ipadKingdom Rush Revenge (Game, Strategy/Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.12.6, 810 MB, iOS 10.0, Ironhide SA) goes from €4.99 to €2.99.

Advance as you see fit as you conquer the new and good old kingdoms. Take on empires of powerful enemies and battle supreme bosses in this fun and epic strategy game!

Voted Best Tower Defense Game of 2020!

To download Kingdom Rush Revenge at €2.99

kingdom rush revenge capture game ipa iphone ipad

bracelet icon app ipa iphoneBracelet (App, iPhone, v5.1.2, 8 MB, iOS 15.0, Adam Foot) goes from €2.99 to €1.99.

Swipe and type messages on your Apple Watch using a fully functional keyboard with WristBoard.
If you don’t like Siri or emojis; WristBoard offers a full-fledged keyboard right on your wrist!

To download Bracelet at €1.99

iphone ipa wristband capture app


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