Hulk’s EMP Blast Is The Ultimate Iron Man Power


Whereas Iron Man has built many “Hulkbuster” costumes to take on fellow founding Avenger, it’s rare that Pontoon loses a fight against Tony Stark. With its strength, durability and outrageous healing factor, Hulk is prone to stomping the Armored Avenger whenever they face off. However, the Green Goliath doesn’t really need any of these abilities to triumph, as one forgotten power could shut down Iron Man’s entire arsenal in moments.

Hulk’s powers have been explored extensively throughout his comedic career. While initially thought to be due to a mutation caused by gamma radiation, Bruce Banner later discovered supernatural aspects of his abilities that defied scientific explanation – such as Hulk’s ability to see ghosts. The emblem of Al Ewing and Joe Bennet Immortal Hulk explained this with the Green Gate – a mystical process that connects the Hulk to the Below, a hellish dimension from which he draws gamma energy as part of the One-Below-All doomsday plans. In Hulk’s body, science and magic work hand in hand, creating the most physically powerful being to ever exist.


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It is the mixture of these energy sources that makes Hulk so dangerous to Iron Man, as his ability to generate and manipulate different types of energy allows him to release an electromagnetic pulse that disables nearby electronics. This is usually a conscious decision on the Hulk’s part rather than a natural part of his power output, and has been confirmed in Totally Awesome Hulk #11, by Greg Pak and Mahmud Asrar. There, the Black Panther tries to take down Amadeus Cho – then in possession of Bruce Banner’s gamma energy – but discovers that the new Hulk is able to stop his high-tech robot with what is described as a mini-EMP. .

Hulk’s Forgotten Electromagnetic Pulse Power

It’s likely that this EMP blast is partly dependent on the mystical elements of the Hulk’s gamma powers, as both Iron Man Black Panthers have already been shown to shield their gadgets from regular EMP attacks. Hulk would need to tap into some unusual energy to make this as effective as has been shown, though it’s possible it’s just the amount of energy and proximity to the Hulk that makes it work. But while Black Panther only uses his mech to match the Hulk’s strength, Iron Man relies on his armor to fly, stay alive, and, on many occasions, to keep his heart from failing. The Hulk’s EMP blast would instantly put Tony Stark’s life in danger, and it’s an attack fans already know works. In Dark Ages #1by Tom Taylor and Iban Coello, Iron Man is caught in a magical EMP who disables all modern technology, plummeting to Earth when his suit fails and losing his leg in the process.

Hulk would destroy Iron Man with an EMP

The only protection Iron Man has against the Hulk’s ability to generate EMPs is that it appears to be a deliberate and thoughtful attack. Amadeus Cho was able to suppress his gamma rage much better than Bruce Banner, meaning he was more able to think tactically about how to use his powers. This is probably why Amadeus was able to use the EMP when Bruce Banner doesn’t, given that their powers and even the energy behind them were the same (Amadeus stole Bruce’s gamma to try and give him life normal.) The EMP power would therefore probably be limited to one of the smartest Hulk characters like Doc Green or Devil Hulk, the classic Savage Hulk not understanding enough of his own powers or energy manipulation to unleash an electromagnetic blast on purpose.

While mainstream fans view the Hulk as pure muscle, his ties to sci-fi and mystique mean there are always more surprises in his powers. As shown by Amadeus Cho, one of these surprises is an EMP blast capable of crushing Iron Man from heaven – hopefully a power that Tony Stark can figure out how to protect against in case Bruce Banner Pontoon figure out how to do it on purpose.

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