Here are 5 smart tips for using a credit card

Credit cards are very helpful for us in times of urgency or in an emergency. However, if we are unable to control ourselves when using credit cards, this can be very dangerous.

Here are smart tips for using a credit card:

1. Careful Transaction

loan transaction

Use a credit card on an EDC machine that is intended for the credit card you have, because you will be charged an additional fee of 3% if your credit card type does not match the card swiping machine. Three percent is pretty good right? If so, then you should use your cash or debit card.

2. One card is enough

Usually many people are tempted to make more than one credit card, because of the benefits and discounts of different merchants. But, you should avoid these temptations. The more credit cards we have, the higher the temptation to use them. In the end, the bill will multiply.

3. Adjust the card limit

card limit

So that we are not burdened in matters of payment of credit card bills, it is better to adjust your credit card limit with the salary you receive each month, so that by itself you will be able to limit the use of credit cards every month.

4. Pay attention to annual fees

There are several credit cards that provide facilities to pay annual fees through the points we get when shopping. But, if you don’t have points, try negotiating with the bank, so the annual fee is free. If we don’t want something complicated and complicated, just choose a credit card that does waive an annual fee for life.

5. Pay the bill immediately

4. Pay attention to annual fees

After all credit cards are not money, but loans. Once the credit card bills come at the end of the month, don’t delay to pay off each bill. So that we are free from flowers and fines.

5 smart tips above, hopefully can be additional information for you, both those who already have a credit card and who will immediately submit it. To remember, be wise in managing the use of your credit card.