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Volatile international political situations will continue to affect the markets and prices of many products such as iron oxide nanoparticles.

Introduction to Nano iron oxide powder
Iron oxide or iron oxide is a kind of inorganic substance and its chemical formula is Fe3O4. It is a magnetic black crystal, so it is also known as magnetic iron oxide. Iron oxide is insoluble in water, alkaline solutions, ethanol, ether and other organic solvents. Natural ferric oxide is insoluble in acidic solutions and readily oxidizes to ferric oxide (Fe2O3) in air under humid conditions. It is typically used as a pigment and varnish, as well as in the manufacture of audio tape and telecommunications equipment.
Ferric oxide has ferromagnetic properties and is called ferromagnetic particles if the particle radius is in the nanoscale.
Nano Ferric Oxide Powder (Fe3O4) is magnetic and can achieve directional movement in the external magnetic field. It has superparamagnetism when its particle size is within a certain range, and in the external alternating electromagnetic field, it can generate heat. It has stable chemical performance.

Physicochemical properties of nano iron oxide powder
Black Fe3O4 is a mixed valence iron oxide with a melting point of 1597 and a density of 5.18 g/cm3. It is insoluble in water but soluble in acid solution. It occurs in nature as magnetite and has strong sub-magnetite and high conductivity at room temperature.
When an iron wire is burned in oxygen, Fe3O4 will be generated.
When iron comes into contact with air, it forms oxides on its surface, and the oxide film itself is not uniformly composed. For example, a piece of low carbon steel may be covered with three oxide films: when it comes into contact with the metal contact, FeO is formed, comes into contact with air Fe2O3 is formed and the medium is Fe3O4. Rather, it may be a mixture of saturated solid solutions of three oxides that form the oxide film on the surface of the steel.
At the same time, the thickness of the oxide film varies according to different environmental conditions during oxidation. At room temperature, the thickness of relatively pure iron oxide in dry air does not exceed 20 angstroms (1 angstrom = 0.1 nm). However, the thickness of the oxide film increases considerably in humid air and rust spots can be observed on the surface. At this time, the oxide deposit is layered, with a dense amorphous anhydrous layer near the metal side and a thick porous hydrated layer near the air side.
Iron reacts with water vapor to form Fe3O4 and hydrogen.
Fe3O4 has anti-corrosion effect, such as iron and steel parts blue (also called burning blue and baking blue) is to use the oxidation of alkaline oxidizing solution to form a film layer Fe3O4 blue- black or dark blue on the surface of iron and steel parts, to increase corrosion resistance, luster and beauty.

Properties of Nano Iron Oxide Powder
Other names magnetic black, fenosoferric oxide, ferroferric oxide, ferrosoferric oxide, Fe3O4
CAS No. 1317-61-9
Compound formula Fe3O4
Molecular weight 233.53
Appearance black powder
Fusion point 1597°VS
Boiling point N / A
Density 4.8-5.1g/cm3
Solubility in H2O N / A
Exact mass 231.784471

Iron oxide powder Fe3O4 CAS 1317-61-9

Preparation Methods of Nano Iron Oxide Powder
Since 2013, many publications on the preparation of nano-Fe3O4 have emerged, and new preparation processes have also appeared. Traditional Fe3O4 preparation methods include precipitation method, hydrothermal (solvothermal) method, micro-emulsification method, and sol-gel method. New preparation methods, such as microwave method, pyrolytic carbonyl pre-body method, ultrasonic method, air oxidation method, pyrolytic reduction method and polyol reduction method, are gradually being researched. In the preparation of Fe3O4, new surfactants and preparation systems have also made inroads. Surfactants have not only been limited to SDS, PEG, CTAB, citric acid, oleic acid, etc., NSOCMCS and polyacrylamide as modifiers have also been reported. Ethanol – water system, n – propanol – water system, propylene glycol – water system, etc.

Applications of Nano Iron Oxide Powder
As a multifunctional magnetic material, nano ferric oxide has been widely used in tumor treatment, microwave absorption material, catalyst support, cell separation, magnetic recording material, magnetic fluid, medicine and other fields. Or it can be:
used as edible melanin.
used as analytical reagent, also used in pharmaceutical industry, pigment preparation and electronic industry
used as main raw material of ammonia catalyst
used as watercolor, oil color and ink pigment. Coating industry for the manufacture of anti-rust paint and other primers. Construction for the artificial coloring of marble and cement floors. Magnetic steel is used in the electronics and telecommunications industry as a cathode plate for alkaline dry cells. Used for the detection of steel defects in machine building.
used to color icing and tablet capsule.
used for pigments and polishing agents, used for coating, plastic and building surface coloring

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Recent changes in the international situation have had a significant impact on commodity and energy prices. The future evolution of iron oxide nanoparticle prices is still uncertain.



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