Fans Debate How Iron Man Could Stand Up To X-Men’s Magneto


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There are many arguments in the mcu which have the power to split its loyal fanbase, but nothing stirs the pot like a hypothetical battle for the ages. One such debate is whether Fox’s Magneto would be able to defeat Marvel Studios’ Iron Man. Would the self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist stand a chance against the powerful mutant who controls the very element his costumes are made of?

Of course, Magneto would dispel Iron Man in no time, right? After all, Magneto’s power is magnetism, so you can imagine the results. However, Twitter had some interesting ideas. One user pointed out that Iron Man achieved the feat in the comics.

As expected, MCU fans were torn between the two sides. Some are convinced that Tony Stark would collapse like a deck of cards in the face of Magneto’s superpowers and be defeated without even having time to defend himself.

No matter how mountainous the battle may seem, some Team Iron Man fans were sure the Avenger could beat anyone and anything that came his way.

While an Iron Man vs. Magneto face-off would be new to the MCU, it’s happened before in the comics. Stark defeated the mutant by incorporating anti-magnetic shielding on his suits to ensure that Magneto couldn’t control his suits – an important detail that die-hard Iron Man fans were quick to point out.

Some have logically pointed out that Iron Man’s ability to defeat Magneto strictly exists in the comics because, until his death in Avengers: Endgame, Tony hadn’t built a suit that would defeat the mutant. At the time, Marvel Studios had no plans to suddenly go down the road of the mutants that have always been there in the MCU it is currently on.

So if this Iron Man, who has never made anti-magnetic suits in the MCU, were to take on a supercharged Magneto, some fans think the latter would come out on top with flying colors.

Others went for more balanced logic, pointing out that Stark and Magneto have a different but equally impressive skill set.

Unfortunately, this is a fight that has a very low chance of happening in the MCU. With the OG Iron Man dead, Marvel should bring in another Tony Stark to fight Magneto when mutants are finally brought into the MCU. While it’s a tantalizing prospect, it just doesn’t have the same appeal as Robert Downey Jr.’s pipe dream as Iron Man takes on Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. But thanks to the multiverse, stranger things have happened in the MCU, so fingers crossed!


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