Even Iron Man admits Magneto is right


As Magneto fights the X-Men and commits numerous crimes in the name of protecting his fellow mutants, Iron Man admits the villain is right.

by marvel Magneto is among the most famous of X Men villains for a very simple reason: Unlike many comic book enemies, the Master of Magnetism has heroic intentions behind his actions. Magneto can be selfish, cruel, or vindictive at times, but his overall goal – to protect mutants from Homo-sapian hatred – is noble. In New Avengers # 6, same Iron Man agrees with its ends, if not necessarily its means.

Magneto appeared alongside the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men # 1 as the team’s very first supervillain. Back then, Magneto was a far cry from the complex, multi-layered antihero found in the Marvel Universe today; he was a simple mutant supremacist who believed mutants, as homo-superior, should inherit the land from homo-sapiens. When Chris Claremont took over the series, he made Magneto a Holocaust survivor by Uncanny X-Men # 150, released in 1981. Since then, Magneto has been inextricably linked with the persecution and the liberation of all mutants from the tyranny of oppression.


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In New Avengers # 6, a feature appears after the main story: Avengers Assemble: The Oral History of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers sit around a table and recall their past; they remember Edwin Jarvis, Tony Stark’s butler; they discuss the fight against the Greek god Zeus; they talk about facing Magneto, old enough to remember the atrocities of WWII. Regarding Max Eisenhardt’s worldview, Iron Man mentions “… it is going to sound strange to say, but he was not wrong … although I do not love him on any level and absolutely, with every fiber of my being, despise everything he has done in the name of his cause … I understand that. He is not a criminal in the truest sense of the word. “

Iron Man vs. Magneto's comic fight

Iron Man and Magneto have fought each other before, and while Magneto has certainly developed as a character since the Silver Age, the same can be said of Tony Stark. Prior to his kidnapping in Vietnam (later reconnected to Afghanistan), Stark was a hedonistic arms maker who had little regard for anyone other than himself and cared little for anyone injuring his guns. This black and white mentality was shaken once Tony devoted himself to change as a person. If he deserves a second look, so are his enemies, including Magneto. The Tony Stark of the past wouldn’t even have dream to see Magneto as a person with noble qualities, but Stark of the present is ready to see a person’s true intentions.

Magneto has committed evil deeds, but that does not make him an evil person; he sees his means, however violent, as the only way to protect the mutant race from another Holocaust-like horror. Some heroes like the Punisher are 100% uncompromising in their opinions. Corn Iron Man knows that there is a gray world that most people cannot see, and Magneto is a prime example.

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