Easy Ways to Manage Credit Card Usage

From year to year the public interest in credit cards is increasing. The many advantages and benefits that are always displayed in the advertisement of the credit card or brochure make a lot of people interested in it.

With various advantages ranging from saving shopping promotions, discounted prices and free tickets, etc., are considered quite successful in promoting this credit card.

Not only that, another advantage that is highlighted is that people can immediately shop without having to spend cash or use their savings. Even though they were not aware, the card they used to shop had a value that they would later have to pay every month. One of the simplest and easiest things to do to avoid the accumulation of forests due to excessive use of credit cards is to pay it off as soon as possible and also whenever there is a bill try to pay more than the minimum payment or pay off immediately .

Here are some easy ways you can do to help you manage every credit card use:

Limit credit card ownership

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Often we are tempted by the offer of the advantages and benefits of the credit card so that you can have more than two credit cards. This should you think about carefully, because it can make us more and more dark eyes to control the use of credit cards. You should do better to have a credit card with the appropriate limit needs and also the nominal is not so far from your salary. Why? Because if one day you have difficulty paying your credit card you can pay it off using your salary so that you avoid bills and bank interest that makes your bills even greater due to late fees.

Adjust the limit as needed

credit limit as needed

Many people often do not understand correctly about obtaining the limit set by the bank. Most of them are more interested in banks that are able to provide large limits to their credit cards without adjusting for income or income. Though unconsciously they have gotten a loan from the bank for the limit that is on the credit card. If in the future the bill is close to the limit, then we will find it quite difficult to pay it and especially the income used for paying these bills is also not enough. This will be a boomerang for ourselves. Therefore it is highly recommended to have a limit that is not so far from your income figures.

Wise is the main key

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Wise is one of the main keys to avoiding excessive use of credit cards. By re-adjusting credit card usage with needs, you have successfully used the credit card. Then, delaying wants and needs that are felt is not so important also mandatory to do, lest you be tempted to buy big discounted products that you don’t really need at all. That is not it will save expenses actually makes your expenses multiply and bigger. Therefore, wise is a word that must always be remembered in the use of credit cards everyday.

Use cash and record all expenses and income

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Indeed this is a little difficult to do by some people often use a credit card for each payment. However, by suppressing usage
credit cards and accustomed to using cash for some things can improve consumption patterns that are consumptive and impulsive. And so slowly your credit card jungle will be reduced so that you can control credit cards instead of credit cards that control your finances. One more thing, avoid withdrawing money cash using a credit card because the interest is too large compared to ordinary shopping. Recording every expenditure or input is also an important part because with good financial planning, you can still save money with a credit card.

Appropriate maturity

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Try to be able to choose a maturity that suits you. For example, you can choose a due date that is not too far from the day that you get your salary because that way you can immediately pay off your bills without having to delay and avoid late fees.