Constantly getting lost in the Nether? Lodestone may be the perfect block for you!



Minecraft’s Nether update dramatically changed a variety of different parts of the game, with many changes focusing on the Nether dimension. The Nether dimension was previously a largely unused dimension, but has been reworked to be much more usable for survival players. The Nether Dimension has undergone various updates and bug fixes to get rid of any issues or bugs that may have been introduced through the extensive Nether Update.

In its most recent patch for Minecraft, The Lodestone was added, and although it may have gone under the radar.

A stone that would and still is a perfect complement to the Nether is called Lodestone. This stone is not used for construction due to the high cost of each block. To craft this block, the player will need a total of eight chiseled stone bricks and a single Netherite ingot.

To collect a Netherite Ingot, players will need to spend quite a bit and need at least one Diamond Pickaxe to collect the ancient debris.

This immense cost could be a reason why many players do not create this block. The Netherite Ingot alone could be used to craft a better than a Diamond Sword or Pickaxe that has durability that exceeds its Diamond variant!

If players don’t want to spend what may be their first or only Netherite Ingot on a single block versus adding it to armor, weapons, or tools, then the player may need to explore the Nether for Bastion. Remnant which could shelter the Magnetite.

Certain locations like Bastion Bridge Chests have a 100% chance of spawning a Magnetic Stone ready for the player to pick up and place next to their new Nether Portal.

Since the chests on the bridge have a 100% chance of spawning a Magnetic Stone, players may want to keep the Netherite Ingot instead of creating the Magnetic Stone.

Previously, players never used a compass in the Nether, but now with the Lodestone, you can have the compass point to the Nether portal, ensuring that players don’t get lost looking through the new one and exciting Nether.

This can save new players a lot of time searching for their old Nether portal.



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