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Over the years, Tony Stark has created many stellar costumes.

Most of them are used for his role as Iron Man, and sometimes they are made for his friends. Even his enemies cannot resist the temptation to steal or recreate his creations.

While there is a lot to choose from, this article will focus on the most important costumes in Iron Man lore.

The first costume that started Iron Man’s journey

The first costume that started Iron Man's journey

The iconic mix of red and gold may have skyrocketed Iron Man’s fame among fans, but without Mark I, Stark would never have survived.

The movie version of the suit is just functional enough to get him out of captivity.

However, in the comics, the suit is capable of flight and features advanced weapons like a flamethrower, tear gas canisters, and a working Unibeam.

Deep Space armor for Stark’s intergalactic adventure

Deep Space armor for Stark's intergalactic adventure

After joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, Stark creates space armor for hassle-free space travel.

In addition to the classic Iron Man weapons, this armor has two flight modes: warp speed for interplanetary travel and sub warp speed which reaches Mach 10.

With an AI called PEPPER built into the emergency suit, the suit also allows him to control his other armor on Earth.

The stylish stealth suit for secret missions

The stylish stealth suit for secret missions

For covert missions (like extracting the extremities of a Colombian drug dealer), a powerful stealth suit has emerged.

This costume is able to camouflage itself, can create holograms for disguise and illusions, and contains silent weapons.

There is excessive space between the joints of the suit to reduce any movement noise.

However, this silent armor can withstand blasts of force, such as those from the Mandarin’s Spectral Ring.

Endo-Sym armor is Stark’s symbiote suit

Endo-Sym armor is Stark's symbiote suit

Endo-Sym armor, a full liquid symbiote suit, has a psionic bond with the user. This link allows Stark to remotely control him and summon him without any electronics.

Unlike Spider-man’s symbiote suit, this suit has no intelligence of its own.

The suit has training compounds to build a hulk-like physique, is able to absorb electromagnetic energy, and can protect against sonic attacks.

The Bleeding Edge is one of Marvel’s best armor

The Bleeding Edge is one of Marvel's best armor

An armor made up of nano-machines that can transform into any type of structure on Stark’s skin, this suit is kept inside his body to transform into Iron Man armor if needed.

This shape-making ability can also be used to craft weapons from one’s imagination.

In addition to the usual features of the Iron Man suit, the suit’s RT node offers superhuman-level multitasking and learning capabilities.



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