Chinese ‘Iron Leg Man’ amputee shares his high-tech prosthetic leg design online so others can use it


A Chinese amputee nicknamed “Iron Leg Man” has shared his custom high-tech prosthetic leg designs so other amputees can upgrade their artificial limbs.

Liang Kaiyu, 30, told Chinese state media CCTV Sunday that in addition to creating his own prosthetic leg, he also amended by adding LED lights, shock absorbers and a self-charging interface.

It’s 2022 and I can finally wear an artificial leg that I made myself. Although it looks a bit ugly, it is unique and meaningful to me,” said Liang, a former industrial equipment designer, in a Douyin post that has already received more than 430,000 likes.

Liang lost his left leg to a work-related injury in January 2020. He recalled that his life was “like on a roller coaster” for several months after the amputation.

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At one point I felt like life was good and I had hope for the future, then the next moment I hid under my blanket and cried Liang told CCTV.

He finally found hope and motivation after finding videos of other people with disabilities doing everyday activities, like riding bikes and walking around, using their prostheses.

My focus shifted from my leg to how I should live in the future,” he said.

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Liang began learning how to use a prosthetic leg and eventually made modifications to make his prosthetic limb more comfortable and user-friendly. To gain more knowledge and experience, he told CCTV that he disassembled various prostheses he had acquired in China and abroad.

He then added shock absorbers and a magnetic charging interface, explaining that he had encountered problems with loss of power and leg muscle imbalance. He eventually included LED lights to make the prosthetic leg more visible at night.

The father-of-two told CCTV he hopes his modified limb will motivate other amputees to openly wear their prostheses.

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People don’t normally want others to see they’re using an artificial limb, but I want more people to see what I’m using. I want to promote the idea that those who live with prosthetic legs are the same as healthy people,” he said.

To help make this possible, Liang has posted her designs online so that prosthetic makers and other amputees can use them.

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Image selected via South China Morning Post


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