71 years old, called “Iron Man” for his “magnetic” strength after vaccination; the government clarifies



Do COVID-19 vaccines create magnetic force in recipients? The video of a 71-year-old man where steel objects were seen stuck to his body days after taking a dose of the vaccine has become a topic of discussion. Amid the video that went viral, the government released a statement that vaccines do not cause such reactions.

Nashik Man Shows ‘Magnetic’ Force After Receiving Dose Of Vaccine

A video of Nashik’s Arvind Sonar made the news on social media. In the video, a youth could be seen keeping spoons and coins on Sonar’s arm, and most of the items were “stuck” there.

Internet users were shocked and gave terms like “Iron Man” and “Magneto” to the elderly person.

According to reports, Sonar runs a snack shop and took the second dose of the vaccine less than a week ago. Her family would have clarified that she was not making any “complaints” and did not know if the “magnetic” quality was present before.

Her son reportedly told media that he watched magnetic force videos online after the vaccination. So he tried it on both parents, but the steel objects only stuck on his father.

According to reports, city officials in Nashik visited Sonar at his residence and witnessed it, but stressed that it had nothing to do with the vaccination.

Meanwhile, the Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) fact-checking service said the vaccines were completely safe and “don’t make people magnetic.”

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