Fermilab’s new electromagnet, a “masterpiece of science” – CBS Chicago

BATAVIA, Illinois (CBS) – A Fermilab scientist spoke of beauty on Wednesday as he described a 50-foot electromagnet waiting to start work at his new home in Batavia.

John Cody of WBBM Newsradio reports that the Muon g-2 shrink-wrapped electromagnet lay safely on the Fermilab campus, after traveling 3,200 miles by land and sea from Long Island earlier this summer .

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Dr Brendan Casey said the 17-ton magnet allows for an accurate measurement of muon magnetism because it is a single continuous superconducting magnet, not an assembly of smaller ones that can each vary in strength. .

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“It’s one of the most beautiful storage rings ever built,” he said. “Since it’s just that one component… if we’re measuring something that looks strange with the muon, we know we’re actually measuring something about the muon, and we’re not just measuring a problem with our ring. storage. “

Casey said he was unsure if the ring could ever be reproduced, calling it “one of those masterpieces of science … something like the Mona Lisa is for Da Vinci.”

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The Muon G-2 storage ring has been wrapped in nitrogen gas and white shrink film, awaiting the start of its work on measuring muon magnetism, and possibly pointing to the existence of dark matter particles , in a year and a half at Fermilab.

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