10 Ways Iron Man’s Armor Got More Advanced Throughout Marvel History


Since the first Iron Man costume built with that box of trash by Tony Stark in the MCU, it became pretty clear that Stark was one of the smartest human beings in the world. But, of course, to become a great inventor and a genius, you still have to innovate to improve your technology.

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Stark didn’t rest on his laurels and constantly made changes to his armor, some to improve his potency, others to address issues he faced in previous movies and comics. Some of the upgrades have been absolutely great and fundamental to bringing down the bad guys while others have almost been disastrous.

ten The arc reactor is the basis of its technology

Tony Pepper Arc Reactor

Using an electromagnet in his chest was key to saving his life and also helped fuel his Iron Man suit and most of his other tech.

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He even developed it further using a new element called badassium which was discovered by his father Howard Stark some time ago. It was the perfect replacement for the palladium core that had actually plagued his heart for all these years.

9 Stark’s biggest upgrade came with nanotechnology in Infinity War

The coolest and most amazing upgrade to the Iron Man suit was his Mark L armor, in which the entire suit could be stored in a small unit on his chest. Not only could he form around his body in an instant, but the costume could also morph into a number of different weapons of his choosing.

From massive rocket thrusters, a nano shield, a nano sword that was also used to stab Tony in the stomach by Thanos anyway, to starter repulsors so he could fly into space at incredibly high speeds, nanotechnology made Tony’s suit even more formidable than before.

8 The briefcase suit was a nifty way to carry the suit

Sometimes waiting for Iron Man’s armor pieces to fly can take a bit too long in the middle of an action, so in Iron man 2, Stark made the adjustment and came up with the idea to have the Iron Man costume take the form of a briefcase that he could take with him at any time.

The suit featured in the opening meet with Ivan Vanko in the middle of the Monaco Grand Prix and showed a significant improvement in the speed of his suit from the first Iron Man movie. Of course, it’s still pretty slow compared to later versions, but it shows a significant improvement over when we last saw it.

7 Extremis virus was much more useful in comics

In Iron man 3, the creation of the Extremis virus led to the creation of its biggest threat in the film when Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen got their hands on the invention. In the comics, Tony got a lot more involved in its creation and even used it to a much better effect. Somehow, Stark was able to integrate the virus into his Iron Man costume, which practically gave him perfect health and healed his heart.

In fact, Extremis was further developed into an app called Extremis 3.0 when Scarlet Witch played with Stark’s head and convinced him to unleash it on the city of San Francisco, providing citizens with perfect health, beauty and good. sure immortality for free.

6 Hulkbuster armor is incredibly powerful

When Scarlet Witch entered the minds of all of the Avengers, things weren’t going well for the team as they all started having nightmares, but the biggest threat of all was not Wanda Maximoff, c rather, it was the raging Hulk.

It’s hard enough to control the Green Giant normally, but when he was also under Wanda’s influence, he was almost unstoppable. Fortunately, Stark had a back-up plan, Veronica orbiting Earth, which housed the Hulkbuster armor. This epic new Iron Man costume had built-in features for fighting and capturing the Hulk, showing just how innovative Stark was.

5 Few people in the universe could have built their own Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers Endgame Iron Man Tony Stark Death

Perhaps his most impressive invention is the nano gauntlet built by Stark in Avengers: Endgame. Thanos’ quest to find all of the Infinity Stones was the main focus of Avengers: Infinity War, but one of the hardest parts of the quest was finding something to house the six stones.

This infinite gauntlet must have been built on Nivavellir using the power of a dying star and has not been replicated since, except for when Stark, Banner, and Rocket all joined forces to create a new made gauntlet. from its own nano-technology. To wield such power, a great weapon is needed, and Stark built just that.

4 Bleeding Edge armor was exactly that

This incredibly creative armor first shown in Invincible Iron Man # 25 combined the world of engineering with biology because the combination was allowed to be stored in its own bone marrow.

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Talk about hiding his armor discreetly and having it on him at all times, the suit could bleed from his bones on his body whenever he needed it. The only concern with the costume was that it had essentially turned him into a cyborg with metal literally running through his bones, and so he was forced out of it after a while.

3 Stark also made a costume for the sole purpose of defeating Thor

Much like his insane costume which was only designed to fight the Hulk, in Iron Man # 64, Stark must have done the exact same thing but this time for the God of Thunder instead. This time Thor has tried to go all out against the nation of Latveria, which is of course the homeland and land of Doctor Doom.

Using an Asgardian Power Crystal, Stark made an almost indestructible costume and somehow had the ability to control his hammer Mjolnir. For an armor to stop Mjolnir’s strength, it has to be pretty impressive.

2 The remote controlled Iron Legion was impressive

Iron man 3 saw another huge development in his Iron Man suits, this time in the form of a range of different versions of the suit, all of which could be controlled simultaneously by JARVIS, known as the Iron Legion.

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This impressive army of robotic drones was part of his plan to protect the world, and although it ultimately led to Ultron, it had enormous potential to help defend Earth and showed some pretty high-tech discoveries, considering of the enormity of the project. .

1 Even if they seem simple, its repellent blasters are effective

His trademark weapon from the very beginning was his repulsor technology, or in other words, the high-density energy blasts directed using magnets to attack his enemies. They may have looked simple and quite boring after being used for so many years, but they are still very impressive.

Tony has made a lot of progress in this area as well, especially with the help of his nanotechnology. This meant that he could form repulsor explosions in several ways from his costume, and following his attack by Thor in Avengers, could now absorb and harness the energy sent to him at will.

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